2016:  Games/22   Averages:  111 DT/111 SC

The baton has been passed and this is Adam Treloar’s team now, from a fantasy perspective.  Pendlebury is still the main attraction, but don’t let this gun’s rise go unnoticed. Adam Treloar is now the prime mover of this midfield. Treloar’s games played record is great, having played at least 20 in all four seasons after his rookie year, but his scoring potential is fantastic, too.

Having knocked out a 103 DT and 106 SC ave across 2014 and 2015, he boosted that to a 111 ave in both forms in 2016. Disposals were up by 3 to eclipse 30 disposals per game, and he lifted his tackle count to over 6 per game for the first time in the pressure heavy Collingwood system. His goal accuracy dropped, so there is room to improve – but make no mistake, Treloar is the man the Magpies midfield needs, boasting line-breaking ability others don’t.

Last year was especially impressive given his off-season groin surgery and move to a new team. A high-ceiling, high-floor gun that has room to improve further. Draft confidently in the first round and lock it in, Eddie.



2016:  Games/20   Averages:  75 DT/75 SC

 There’s no doubt the forward options facing drafters in 2017 are lacking the top-end polish of years past, so the eyes are cast down the draft list towards the young studs who can emerge. Billings, Steele and Petracca are a few of the names that rate a mention, but pundits are also thinking about Jordan De Goey. Drafted at number 5 overall by the Pies in 2014, the expectation is there for a third year breakout. The question remains: is De Goey that player? And with good reason, for fantasy he’s never really starred – a top score in 36 games of 115DT/109SC is a little on the light side and a strange this is his DT ave is higher than his SC ave which is odd for his game style. His game is built on impact more than volume, indicated by his only registering 6 games of 20+ disposals.

When drafted, that was a consideration, but it was deemed he would still impact games sufficiently. Interestingly, the Pies dropped De Goey in the back end of the season, despite finals being out of grasp. He certainly has the potential to step up, having improved in all statistical areas from first to second years, but whether he can take the next step is the big question. From this drafter’s perspective it doesn’t look like he can find enough of the pill to make himself fantasy relevant, but I’d be willing to roll the dice late in drafts (rd 17+) on the chance is happens, especially those of the SC variety. My question is, will coaches be willing to wait to draft him?



2016:  Games/21   Averages:  101 DT/95 SC

 Drafting young ruckman early has gone out of vogue, but Collingwood must’ve been thrilled when Brodie Grundy fell to them at pick 18 in the 2012 draft. After splitting time for with Jarrod Witts for a couple of seasons, Grundy became one of the top fantasy ruckman in 2016 after Collingwood (finally) went with a solo ruck.

His form after Collingwood’s round 13 bye was particularly impressive, averaging 31 hit outs, 20 disposals and 4.8 tackles per match, lifting his season long averages to 101 DT and 95 SC.  With such great form at a young age, Witts moved to the Gold Coast and potentially an improved Collingwood, what could go wrong with drafting Grundy early?

I have two problems with drafting Grundy this year and it isn’t so much in DT based scoring formats, as his high (for a ruck) disposal and tackle numbers make him very valuable.  Problem one is in SuperCoach formats. Grundy isn’t a high accumulator of hit outs, so he therefore loses the ability to rack up a bunch of hit out to advantage points that guys like Gawn and Goldstein make a living off. In fact, only twice has Grundy scored over 120 in SC, so his ceiling is restricted in that particular format.

The second problem I have is in drafting him as the second ruck off the board, even in DT formats. Why draft Grundy when I can get Goldstein later? Or even Stef Martin if you believe like me, that he’ll return to form.

There’s no question that Grundy has in his range of outcomes being the top DT ruckman, so if you get him in the low teens he can return value, but it’s just a bit rich for my taste. If he’s there late 2nd, early 3rd, I’m interested. In SC, not before round 10. This could turn out as well as Buck’s coaching career to date, but it’s my range.