2016: Games/21   Average: 106 DT/108 SC

 The man who stood in the shadows like the Hunchback of Notre Dame finally got to step into the spotlight once Dangerfield left for the Cats. Sloane has been a fantasy must have (predominately SuperCoach) for the last 5 years. While his scores in DT have been good they have never warranted a first or second round pick. Until now.

In 2016 Sloane went on to record his best year in DT and second best in SC. Always Mr. Consistent, Sloane was able to increase his stats in most areas, including tackles (up to 7.1), but marks dropping by 0.5 for the season. Sloane was able to lift his floor, where once upon a time he would score a few mid 60’s throughout the year; in 2016 he was able to bring them up to mid 70’s in DT and 80’s in SC.

While Sloane doesn’t get, the same accolades heaped upon him like other midfielders, he is as steady as he gets and you should have no problem taking him as an M2 in any format with that mid floor and high ceiling.




2016: Games/20   Average: 93 DT/92 SC

 While Brad can talk about being the eldest, it is Matt who will be bragging about being more fantasy relevant. With Matt entering his 4th year, he has already played more games than his brother who was drafted way back in 2011.

Matt took a little bit to get going this year, but it wasn’t until after the bye rounds did he step it up. After the byes Matt went on to average 103.5 DT and 100 in SC. In 2016 Matt increased his stats all over the park from 2015 with disposals up 6.7, marks 0.8 and tackles 1.2.

While Matt averaged 93 DT and 92 SC this guy will be the number 1 clearance player at the Crows as Old Man Thompson starts to wrap up his career. Good things fantasy wise are coming to Matt Crouch, which is going to make family dinners a lot more interesting.




2016: Games/22   Average: 73 DT/74 SC

 Rory Atkins looks set to have a long career playing on the wing at the Adelaide Crows.  In 2016 Rory played every game to become an integral part of the Crow’s midfield. Averaging 20.5 disposals a game (up 7), Atkins became the go to guy to get the ball inside 50 with his accurate kicking.

Entering his third year of football Rory was able to increase his average by 18 in both formats while spending 80% time on ground. With 1 DT ton and 2 SC tons in 2016, the Crows will be looking to use him even more in 2017 as the guy who gets the ball inside 50.  There is no reason why Atkins can’t achieve an average of 90+ in 2017. I feel a late round pick is the worth the gamble as it’s not going to cost you anything to get him.