2016: Games/22   Averages 98 DT/94 SC

 2016 was a breakout year for Seb Ross, increasing his average possessions a game to 26 (up 8 from 2015). With players like Armitage and Steven likely to be the tag targets, Ross gets carte blanche to do as he pleases.

In 2016 Ross played the inside/outside midfielder, where in fantasy terms you are of great value, as not only do you get the volume, but also tackles, inside 50’s and clearances. With that his TOG increased significantly to 81% (up 9% from 2015).

Seb Ross’ ADP (average draft position) was 236 in 2015 which made him undrafted in many leagues, but with a breakout year, a decent floor to build on and being capable of producing 130+ games in both formats, it looks like Ross’ scores are trending up, especially with David Armitage spending less time on the ground.

Be careful here as some may look to reach too early for him but a mid round pick and my M4 is where I’m comfortable drafting Seb Ross.



2016: Games/22   Average: 104 DT/103 SC

 Jack Steven is the main man at St Kilda. He is the main extractor in the midfield and also the guy who launches it inside 50 to the forwards. Oh, and let’s not forget about the tackles. Jack Steven loves to tackle, hitting double figures twice in 2016 and an amazing 6 times in 2015.

After having a career year in 2015 most people thought 2016 he would continue with the scores we saw in 2015. But the rest of the competition got wise and started to tag Jack.  When he was tagged, his scores plummeted and couldn’t reproduce his usual output.

With the addition of Jack Steele and Koby Stevens into the midfield to protect him from being tagged, Jack should return to the scores we saw in 2015.

Draft with confidence as an M2 in the early rounds.



2016: Games/21   Average: 110 DT/101 SC

 Like a fine wine, Nick Riewoldt keeps getting better with age. With a move onto a wing in 2016, Nick was able to use his elite endurance to run out a whole game while ‘blowing up’ his opponents. This was seen in round 23 where Nick amazingly had 26 possessions, 21 marks and 9 goals, which ultimately cost The Statesman the Listener League grand final.  Ha!

Nick is a great mark and is always near the top or on top of that list, averaging 8.8 marks a game over his career and that is not about to change.

Nick is the only forward coming into 2017 to average over 100 in both formats. While there is hype about other forwards this year, Nick seems to be flying under the radar and you should be able to draft him with some real value.

A brave person takes him as an F1, but I’m very comfortable taking him as an F2.