2016: Games/22   Averages 105 DT/104 SC

 Finally, we get to see the full power of Tom Mitchell unleashed. Having spent 4 seasons at the Swans, Tom spent his time as the fourth string midfielder playing many roles for the team. However this didn’t stop him from producing some amazing scores in both fantasy formats.

In Tom’s final year at the Swans his TOG went up to 80%, and now that he is the number one midfielder at the Hawks expect to see that game time go up to at least 85%. We know Hawthorn doesn’t have a dominant ruckman feeding the ball to the mids, but fear not, as this is a good thing for Tom Mitchell as it means he can tackle more (160 in 2016).

In 2017 expect Tom Mitchell’s fantasy scoring to enter the elite bracket. Even when he is not in the midfield expect to see him rest forward as we know he is pretty handy in front of the big sticks.

Remember this is a guy who once scored 243 DT and 269 SC points. Have no hesitation in drafting Titch as an M1 in your leagues.



2016: Games/17   Average: 51 DT/57 SC

 Before you start reaching for your vomit bag, give me a chance to explain that Ty Vickery could be a relevant pickup for your team this year. You may now proceed to vomit.

Al Clarkson and the Hawks wouldn’t have thrown bags of cash at Ty Vickery if they didn’t have a plan for him. That plan is David Hale mark 2. We saw Hale play as the third forward/pinch hitting ruckman, and while at the Hawks where he produced 2 good years in terms of fantasy output.

I can see the same path for Ty here. We know he his solid in the air taking 24 contested marks in 2016. With Gunston and Roughead taking the best defenders each week that means Ty will get the third or fourth defender on him. At 200cm there aren’t many teams that field 3 tall defenders so Ty is going to have a massive advantage when the ball comes to him. If that’s the case, look for the Hawks to get the ball to him to use that advantage.

With Ceglar out with an ACL, Vickery may even get more time in the ruck to help out whoever is the first string ruckman. This all equates to fantasy points, people. Sure, Vickery is on the nose when it comes to AFL fantasy, but the man can mark, kick goals and pinch hit in the ruck.

Ty won’t be a top 10 forward in any format, but with the possibility of getting ruck/fwd status throughout the year, it’s certainly not going to cost you much to slot him onto one of your bench spots.

Excuse me while I go vomit myself after writing this.



2016: Games/22   Average: 89 DT/81 SC

 There has been a lot of talk about Isaac over the preseason and where he’ll play. As a mid/forward this year we are all hoping he produces some great fantasy scores.

In 2016 Smith spent most of his time playing on a wing where he averaged 23 possessions and sat out the back of packs waiting for the ball to be extracted to him. This produced some high scoring games in both formats for Isaac, but he is a better DT scorer than SC, due the sheer volume of possessions he gets.

For me Smith is a massive orange light right now and will have to watch him over the JLT series to see how he goes. Having averaged in the 90’s in both formats before would warrant a selection as an M6, but thank God he has that forward status which puts him in the F2 in DT and F3 in SC.