2016: Games/22   Averages 73 DT/81 SC

 There is a new rebounding defender at the Cats and his name is Zach Tuohy. With Enright hanging up the boots at the end of 2016, spots opened up and Geelong went and got themselves someone to fill the void.

2016 was a career year for Zach, averaging 20 possessions a game while increasing his tackles to 2.2 per game. However, his marks slightly dropping due to Zach starting the chain from defence to forward with his thumping kick. Zach’s TOG dropped to 85% down from 92%, but his disposal efficiency increased which offset that.

In 2016 Tuohy’s scores were hit and miss, but those that had him in their teams were rewarded with 2 DT 100’s and 6 in SC. That’s not a bad foundation for someone who has moved to a team that was knocked out in a preliminary final. Like any defender if he can lift his floor slightly, he’s gold. Look to draft Tuohy as a D3 in SC and Low D3 to high D4.



2016: Games/21   Average: 80 DT/85 SC

 Moved to half back with the arrival of Dangerfield in 2016, Guthrie’s average dropped by 5 in DT and 12 in SC, scoring only 2 DT 100’s and 7 in SC. What hurt Guthrie the most was that his tackles dropped by 33 on the year, which hurt his fantasy scoring. But fear not, there is good news. With Bartel retiring the spot of rebounding def/pushing into the midfield is now open and Cam Guthrie is the man to take that spot.

Guthrie played midfield before Dangerfield’s arrival so he is ready to go, we know he can tackle having hit 124 in 2014 and 110 in 2015. With his disposal efficiency around 77% expect his average to climb again if he gets Bartel’s old job, as well as the added bonus of getting defender status later in the year.

Look to draft in the mid to late rounds.



2016: Games/22   Average: 118 DT/131 SC

 At the end of 2015, Patrick Dangerfield got in his car and headed home to Moggs Creek.  We know Dangerfield was a star at the Crows, but became a superstar, winning the Brownlow at the Cats, increasing his fantasy average by 12 in both formats.

Dangerfield increased his stats in all measurables, except tackles (hard to tackle someone when the ball is always in your hands). By partnering with Joel Selwood in the midfield to become the AFL’s own version of the Smash Brothers, the duo became a great one-two combo for the Geelong midfield.

Danger is in the prime of his career and playing in a team that is conducive to fantasy scoring. The only thing stopping Patrick from re-entering ‘the danger zone’ is injury and we don’t want that for him or anyone.

If you have pick 1 he should be the only one to consider in all formats