We’re finally back.  Footy’s on and there’s deals to be done.

 EACH WEEK I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on which players to BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD and DROP in AFL Draft Leagues.  The moves are based on a 10 team redraft league with 22 players per team, so if your league is shallower, deeper or keeper, use your best judgement as to what moves apply.  Remember no-one HAS to trade with you, but the least you can do is make offers to try improve your team.  Also consider your league set up and team structure before making a move.  This is a list about value and treating your team as something that is constantly evolving to try get it as solid as it can be.  As I always say, “if you ain’t trading, you ain’t trying!”  You can hear the rest of my thoughts each week as part of the Draft Doctors Podcast released each Monday and Friday (unless there’s a Thursday game, in which case, it’s a day earlier).

DROP  – HARLEY BENNELL (M/F) – Do you really wanna carry this guy over the byes? An injury prone superstar who has missed over 12 months of footy.  Look at Jaeger for context.  Shoot for some upside on your bench.

BUY – LACHIE NEALE (M) – Lower game time, crappy role have held this fantasy stud back over the early rounds.  He’s not going to repeat the disposals record, but after an interrupted preseason, he should bounce back at unders.

BUY – JOSH J KENNEDY (F) – Being delivered crap ball in tough conditions is enough to make any man cry.  JJK WILL be a top 10 forward at years end, just ride the bumps and buy low on this superstar.  Things will click.

BUY – JACK BILLINGS (F) – We all know the pedigree of this player, and certainly has underwhelmed to date.  Marks, tackles and goals are all down, as well as his kick to handball rate. Certainly a ‘midpricer’ who has stunk so far.  But St Kilda has upside.  This team has upside.  This is a HUGE buy low proposition.  Of course, wait for teams, but this is a genuine upside play.

 BUY – TOM McDONALD (D) – We know big Maxy has gone down.  The story is, who should benefit?  It sure isn’t the Demon midfielders, but I still think they are fantastic, so maybe they lose the clearance but apply pressure.  Who wins there?  Ol’ mate Tommy Mac with intercept marks.  Will never kill you over a season but has started slow enough and is a no name sort of player.  Would grab on the cheap.

 SELL – WILL HOSKIN-ELLIOTT (F) – Simply put, his name’s too long.  Oh, and after his 3 goal junktime and 50 pt first quarter his score would be inflated.  To be fair, Will has been great for this Magpies team and outperformed what most of us expected.  But as the game gets more contested, Wells and De Goey come in, does he continue to find the same amount of ball?  He may, but I find it unlikely.  A perfect time to sell high, especially with a number of ‘preseason buzz’ forwards underperforming (see Billings, Caddy, etc).

 ADD – LACHIE WHITFIELD (M) – If you have any spare room on the bench, the GWS wingman is only a few weeks away from being eligible to return.  Griffen is either injured, retired or possibly kidnapped so there should be an opening for him.  Owned in 64% of UF leagues, he could provide you with some solid midfield depth – provided he doesn’t piss any girlfriends off in the near future.

 SELL – JACK VINEY (M) – The name has some cache in trading, the scores haven’t been too bad so far, but this guy is doing the captain’s thing and letting his star teammates win the ball and do their thing.  Gawn’s injury can’t be a positive for the Demon midfielders, Viney is a movable piece with limited upside and worrying signs.

 ADD – SHANE SAVAGE (D) – Definitely one for the ‘I need a defender for one week’ crew, Savage is playing the Pies who are crushing in the midfield and not getting reward on the scoreboard.  As a result, opposition defenders are scoring handily.  Savage certainly has a nice ceiling, we’ve seen him do well and comes in under our 65% ownership threshold on UF.

 ADD – JAKE SPENCER ( R ) – At least we know he has the role.  If you’re in a 2 ruck league or play on UF where you need a backup in position, grab Spencer.  Who knows what he is going to do, but it’s free and has upside. 

 ADD – BRENDON AH CHEE (M/F) – Killing it in the magoo’s and has popped for us before.  Obviously we don’t know if he’ll be named, so please take that into consideration.  Port had a loss, I honestly don’t know what they see in Sam Gray unless Robbie’s got some sibling related clause in his contract.  With so many forwards bombing, why not stick Ah Chee on your pine, see if it hits? 

 BUY – HANDSOME TOM LYNCH (F) – The Gold Coast star has had a slow start to the season, but this man is the real deal.  Obviously his value is lower than predraft, and his owner isn’t seeing top ten forward numbers just yet.  He will bounce back, no doubt.

 Thanks for checking out the article, we’ll be dropping it every week from now til the end of the season.