Because you’ve just slipped to 0-4 or perhaps just 1-3 and are getting a widdle bit melodramatic.  I mean, I know how you feel.  Losing sucks.  Especially if you’re that team who just happens to cop the highest scorer every week.  That happens.  And if that’s you, that hurts, but law of averages would say it won’t continue and you’ll be fine.  But many a fantasy title has been won by a team who started slowly and they didn’t even have to draft Stephen Bradbury. 


    We say with great regularity on the Draft Doctors pod that you don’t win your league at the draft.  And if you’ve started poorly, it should be of even greater importance to keep tuning in!  All the things we talk about – waivers, captains, trades, matchup plays and streaming positions are the things that can help you even up that win – loss column and make a run towards the finals.  So keep tuning in.  Keep checking your free agent/waiver pool.  Keep making trades.  Things can turn around very quickly, very easily.  As one of my favourite podcasts, The Fantasy Footballers, like to say – “Whatever happens, can happen in reverse”.  But of course, this would be a pretty lame article if these were the only tips we gave and since you’ve been following along to the podcast, you know all this.  So here’s a few more….



     If you’re not playing the bye rounds, feel free to skip ahead!  If you are, you’ll know bye rounds can be tough to negotiate.  Remember – you have to manufacture some wins.  Check your opponent’s teams and the number of players they’ll have out against you.  If you’re looking good, roll with it.  If you’re even, maybe try negotiate a two-for-one trade where you give up 2 players who are on bye that week for a player who isn’t.  Remember, your team is sucking at this point and you can then dip into the pool and stream a forward or defender – or maybe just grab a player who has week to week value!



     The two most common league structures we see are 3-4-1-3 and 5-7-1-5.  If you’re sucking in the first, chances are you’re high picks are struggling (Parker, Hannebery, etc) and your later picks have just cold missed (Caddy, Billings, etc).  If I’m in a spot like this I’m trying to get a two-for-one deal done.  Your league is shallow enough that there is value in the pool and someone who’s rolling can take a shot on one of your struggling stars.


    If you’re in the second boat, chances are you’ve copped injuries and your depth is crappy.  I will say this – improve your midfield.  Do 2 for ones, 3 for ones, whatever you have to do.  It’s much easier to find value in the pool in the forward and defensive lines than the midfield.  The bulk of your points comes from the midfield, try prise some talent off another team to make a run – especially some top end talent that has struggled.  Your team sucks, remember?!



    If you’re unlucky enough to have Max Gawn, or you drafted Deledio, Coniglio, maybe even Isaac Heeney (depending on return value) at this stage, sell.  Dane Rampe?  Sell.  You need those points on the field and a bench spot for someone who might pop or find a fantasy friendly role.  Chances are the teams at the top took a late round ruck, and if you have Gawn, blow smoke up their butts and tell them they’re a lock for finals and Max will be back.  Do what you gotta do.  Get your hustle on and get your points on the field.


    Of course, the other, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay riskier tactic is to go trade for the injured/suspended guns.  Obviously only the guys who are a week or 2 away, but throw a game or 2 in the short term to try make a run.  I’ve seen this tried, but to be honest, it usually backfires as the team accrues more injuries and never gets the team they want on the field and end up facing the prospect of a wooden spoon.



     An interesting situation could be that your team is crappy overall, but you managed to land someone who’s come out guns blazing and is getting more hype than the Adele tour.  I’m talking Dustin Martin, Ollie Wines, Rory Sloane and Clayton Oliver.  I’ll also throw in born-again superstar Marc Murphy.  Get them on the trade table.  Try get a haul.  Get a two for one of gun slow starters ala Heath Shaw and Luke Parker.  Float it on your league’s Facebook page.  Create a bidding war.  It hurts to give up your pride and joy, but remember – your team sucks.



    Maybe there’s a Hawks fan in your league.  Or a Saints fan.  Tell them Jack Billings (who you have) sucks.  They’ll get riled up.  Offer him up in trade.  Fans can often be too loyal.  You might get them to buy someone who should be sold low at a higher price.



    Take up golf.  It’s pretty bloody frustrating and might make you forget about how awful your team is for a while.

    So to paraphrase a popular meme, I’m telling you there’s a chance.