Earlier this week the AFL’s Laws of the Game Committee met to discuss, amongst other things, how seamlessly the new ‘third man up’ and deliberate out of bounds rules had been implemented by on-ground officiating crews.  The committee said that after talking to each other, they had no question everything had been going smoothly, with absolutely no reason to ask someone outside their family or check social media for public reaction.  So glowing were the reports, so incorruptible the findings, that the entire committee has had to seek out an army of chiropractors after a three hour back slapping session.


      One committee member said he forgot to book in advance a session with his regular spine cracker, knowing full well the likely result of Thursday’s meeting. “I can’t believe it slipped my mind, now I’m gonna be in agony for days.  Doc was booked solid.  Solid.  I better book now for the meetings later in the year when we mix things up before finals.”


      At one point the back slapping got so out of control, one member said later that night he was suffering the effects of whiplash.  “It was about eight thirty pm, and I started getting these ferocious pangs in my neck.  My bloody chiro was shut, but luckily, driving around North Richmond, saw a flashing ‘open’ sign above a Thai massage place.  Thought it was weird to be open at that time, but Ming Lee made me forget all about my neck pain.  Not a hundred per cent she was Thai, though.”


      We’re glad this story had a happy ending.