Statesman’s Skippers Round 9

Each week I’ll take a look at captain options for those of us who don’t own Dangerfield, Fyfe or Rockliff.  Unfortunately, we all cant own these players and have to look elsewhere.  So, we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Yes some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and stay in the hunt for finals action this year.

Loopy tricks:

This week we have the underperforming Cats up against the reigning premiers, and this looks to be a high scoring game especially with the potential of Geelong rising due to the media pressure on them.

Who to loop?

The Bont should be first considered although is Scott Selwood’s inclusion a concern to the nicked named one? 109 in his last three and an ability to manage the tags should leave you comfortable with the loop option.  MacRae and Dahlhaus are great looping options as well but less likely to pump out a 120+ score.  Joel Selwood can go big so always worth the risk, only a few weeks ago he gave his owners a massive 175 but averaging in the 70’s over his past three gives the best loop option to;

Mitch Duncan – Averaging 114 this season and playing an important linking role for the Cats.  His form has been very consistent with six tons in his eight games including three scores over 120.

Best unique skipper options from this week clashes:


St Kilda v Sydney

Unique but safe:  Luke Parker: finally, back in form and so is the team.  144 last time he meet the saints and this group seems to be on the role we were expecting all year although tougher opponent.

Captain Risky:  Jack Billings: we know he is a quality player and we would expect Nick Smith to get the task but how can you not ignore that 150 last week.

GWS v Richmond

Gun: Josh Kelly: An amazing score last week and a very talented play.  Would expect more pressure on him this week but so hard to ignore 122 average over past three games.

Captain Risky:  Heath Shaw: not scoring the way we expected and mainly because of a slight change of role but as the number of defenders for the giants go down with injury the more chance he has of scoring well.

Brisbane v Adelaide

Gun: Dayne Zorko: Without the Pig and maybe Beams one would think this man has max midfield time and at an average of 116 don’t think you could go wrong.

Captain Risky:  Rory Sloane: Risky only because of the tag but could go massive this week.

Collingwood v Hawthorn

Gun: Taylor Adams: Rarely gets talked about in captain options but averaging 120 he is dead set one of the best scorers.

Captain Risky:  Brodie Grundy: If he has the ruck to himself there is no risk at all but if sharing points drop quickly.

Essendon v West Coast

Unique but safe: Matt Priddis: weird to say but one of the most underrated scorers in the competition.  Safe as houses if you have him.  Gaff and Shuey could be continue their great form as well.

Captain Risky:  Elliot Yeo: Scores in blocks and can go missing, but that sweeping role in defence is simply amazing for his scoring potential.

Melbourne v North Melbourne

Unique but safe: Nathan Jones: not the sexiest name in the fantasy world but 112 average in his last three games and the Swans scored big against the Kangaroos last week is a great sign.

Captain Risky:  Todd Goldstein: who would have thought this year that he would be risky.  Form down and shared role at times but his week without a recognised ruck opponent he could be back to his best.

Fremantle v Carlton

Gun: Lachie Neale: 21 second to go hero getting back to peak form with 116 average in last three and against Carlton should go big.

Captain Risky:  Michael Waters, yes risky but if he is having mid time can score well and 137 last week the example of how good he can be.