Late Week Pickups: Round 10

Each week we’ll be taking a look at some late week pickup options so that you can get a win over your league mates. With these late week pickup’s, they’re all based on players who you wouldn’t necessarily play week to week, but have a great round matchup against the team they’re playing.

When we talk about these late week pickup’s we use a rule of 65% ownership or less on ultimate footy, just to give everyone a fair go at adding these players to your list. Also, these players are based off 22 man squads in SuperCoach and 26 for Ultimate Footy, so if you are in a league that has less than this then there will be better talent in the pool.


Heath Grundy – With an ownership of 33% this week is a great week to bring him as the Swans are taking on the Hawks. As we saw last week with the Pies, Jeremy Howe and Josh Smith were able to take 13 and 11 marks each with the Hawks missing the pinpoint kicking of Jordan Lewis and Sam Mitchell.

This should be great for Grundy and the rest of the Swans defence to pick off wayward kicks coming inside their defensive 50.


Matt De Boer – With the injury list building at the Giants, now would be a great time to grab a player like De Boer. Returning from injury himself and building minutes, Matt will have every chance to establish himself in the Giants line-up.

At just 31% owned and playing 70% game time in his first game, (Dylan Shiel is at 73% TOG in 2017) he is worth at least a bench spot.


Tory Dickson – Dead eye Dickson is back from injury and kicking goals for the Western Bulldogs. At 27% ownership, Tory is one of those players who can pop up and kick 5 or 6 goals in a match. With Jake Stringer out of this team, Tory will play the mid-size forward role but also rotate through the midfield when some of the other guys have a rest.


Kayne Turner – We’ve spoken about Kayne Turner on the pod before but when he is still owned by only 27% of teams, he is one of the young Kangaroos making an impression. Averaging around 80 his last three weeks in both formats and the byes on the way, he would be a great addition to your team.


Jonathon Griffin – With Sandilands out with hammy tightness this week and Zac Clark injured it leaves Griffin as the last man standing to get the job. Owned by 19% will only be a one week deal for him unless Sandilands injury is worse than first thought.


Liam Jones – Now that you’ve all stopped laughing, please continue reading. The last 5 weeks Jones has been playing defence in the VFL, where he has been marking everything in sight. Getting a lot of the ball and laying tackles. With the injurie’s the Blues have down back and the form of Jones, they are going to need a tall strong body to play on Waite or Brown. Owned by only 1% of teams, if you believe in the hype and have a MASSIVE set of kahunas’ then Liam Jones is one to roll out this week.


Billy Longer – Up against the Bulldogs this week and we know how well rucks score against them. We saw Zac Smith go over 140 in both formats last week, while I’m not expecting a 140 from him something around 100 would be fine . Owned by 62% of teams.




Good luck in your matchup’s this week!!