Statesman’s Skippers Round 11

Each week I’ll take a look at captain options for those of us who don’t own Dangerfield, Mitchell, Merrett and Rockliff.  Unfortunately, we all cant own these players and have to look elsewhere.  So we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Yes some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and stay in the hunt for finals action this year.


Loopy tricks:

Yep its double loop da loop again people, hopefully we can find one for your team.

Who to loop?

Port and the Hawks are not the greatest scorers this year with exception to Tommy Mitchell, so it’s looking like the risky options of Ebert, Wines and Isaac Smith that look the best option’s.  But we know that Robbie Gray can really turn it on, especially if there is not a hard tag on him like last week.

On the other hard Geelong and Adelaide have heaps of options.  Mitch Duncan continues his wonderful form, Joel Selwood can also rack them up and of course Sloane, the Crouch bothers and Sam Jacobs can all go big although it will be interesting as both sides have put the clamps on the scoring of the opposition of late.


But I am going to go a little left field this week and nominate the best loop hole option as:

Rory Laird – Adelaide


Best unique skipper options from this week clashes:


Gold Coast v WCE

Unique but safe:  Andrew Gaff:  Selected him last week and he pumped out a 124, expect the same against Gold Coast although they did get the almighty spray from Rocket so they could surprise.

Captain Risky:  Jarrod Witts: In good form and is playing at home against an opponent without a great Ruck department, could score well this weekend.


GWS v Essendon

Gun: Josh Kelly:  This kid is good, and almost getting to the level where he needs to be moved to the captain obvious category rather than not so.  Another one of these players where we will hear the phase “if he was in Melbourne he would be known as a superstar” If you drafted him well done to you.

Risky I think:  Dyson Heppell:  Can score, but can be tagged but it looks as if the clubs are starting to switch on that Zach Merrett is so important to Essendon’s game.  Zach was tagged last week and they lost – note Sloane and Adelaide.



North Melbourne v Richmond

Gun: Dustin Martin: This lad is a gun when up and running, 133 last week and a three game average of 118 it is hard not to see him do it again.  Select with ease.

Captain Risky:  Brandon Ellis: I know I have rocks in my head, but played the loose in defence which worked for him and the team.  This could finally be the return of Ellis with 126 confirmation points last week – still risky


Fremantle v Collingwood

Gun: Brodie Grundy: Without Cox and Sandi to hamper him, he should have a blinder this week, expect a 120 plus day for the big guy.

Captain Risky:  Sorry I suggested Brad Hill last week in hindsight foolish against Adelaide. This week the risky goes to a point per minute gun.  Conner Blakely:  Enjoying the midfield role, 110, 97, 134 and 119 in his last four weeks.