Late Week Pickups: Round

Each week we’ll be taking a look at some late week pickup options so that you can get a win over your league mates. With these late week pickup’s, they’re all based on players who you wouldn’t necessarily play week to week, but have a great round matchup against the team they’re playing.

When we talk about these late week pickup’s we use a rule of 65% ownership or less on ultimate footy, just to give everyone a fair go at adding these players to your list. Also, these players are based off 22 man squads in SuperCoach and 26 for Ultimate Footy, so if you are in a league that has less than this then there will be better talent in the pool.

With the bye rounds upon us for the next three weeks, we’re going to have to lower our standards a bit in terms of scoring as we are all scraping the bottom of the barrel looking to get that edge over our opponents. While I like to use a base score of 85 when getting a late week pickup, I tend to drop that 10 points to 75 as everyone is in the same boat and looking to get as close to a complete team as possible.


Cam Guthrie – At 55% ownership, Cam is perfect for these bye rounds. Playing at Simmonds stadium again this week, the cats will look to strangle Adelaide’s running game and create contests, meaning he will get the ball on the outside, especially in the back half to generate that run for the Cats. While it’s been hard to own Guthrie this year due to his mid minutes being down, he is worth his weight in gold during the bye weeks as we know he will play.


Kayne Turner – Well we all thought the wheels were going to fall off at the Kangaroos this year after moving on four top line players. The kids that have come in have stepped up and are doing the job with flair and excitement. Kayne Turner is one of these guys with 46% ownership, his scores the last 3 weeks in both formats has been solid with mid 80’s and a 95 in SuperCoach and mid 70’s in your Ultimate Footy formats. Up against the Tigers this week, which always begs the question. Which Richmond will turn up? If it’s the Tigers of old then look out for Kayne to get on the end of a couple of goals as well as laying plenty of tackles.


Matthew Scharenberg – ScharenGOAT as Steve likes to call him, fit in seamlessly into that Collingwood defence. While the weather last week didn’t help the marking defenders, the Pies are off to Perth. At 50% ownership, the GOAT’s first game was solid (67 Ultimate Footy / 67 SuperCoach) but hampered due to the weather. A sunny 23 degrees in Perth on Sunday makes for perfect football, especially for marking defenders. Add the GOAT to your team and enjoy.


Adam Saad – Only owned in 20% of teams. The great thing about Saad is that he is going to play every game over the bye rounds, already having his after the game in Shanghai. Gold Coast have a pretty reasonable draw over the bye rounds starting off with the Eagle’s where they drew this game the last time they played at Metricon, then Hawthorn (we know what happened last time) and finally Carlton. Gold Coast were given a mighty spray after letting the Melbourne game go, look for the Suns to respond.


Nathan Vardy – If you need a ruck to cover you for a game, then best squeeze those last few fantasy points out of Vardy before Lycett comes back. Having scored ok the last fortnight especially against Mummy, Vardy has shown he can score against the better rucks of the comp. At 63% ownership, it will be an interesting battle against Witts but I’m sure Vardy will be able to produce a quality score in the byes.


Aaron Young – A forward at 27% ownership, at the Draft Doctors we have spoken about Aaron Young as a plug and play option. Up against the Hawks on Thursday night, Port will look to use their speed to outrun Hawthorn and score heavily on them. We have seen Aaron kick bags of 4 and 5 goals before and if it is one way traffic he is sure to get on the end of a few. Also with ‘The Chad’ out for another week, they may look to move Young in the midfield and give him minutes there.



Good luck in your matchup’s this week!!