EACH WEEK I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on which players to BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD and DROP in AFL Draft Leagues.  The moves are based on a 10 team redraft league with 22 players per team, so if your league is shallower, deeper or keeper, use your best judgement as to what moves apply.  Remember no-one HAS to trade with you, but the least you can do is make offers to try and improve your team.  Also consider your league set up and team structure before making a move.  This is a list about value and treating your team as something that is constantly evolving to try get it as solid as it can be.  As I always say, “if you ain’t trading, you ain’t trying!”  You can hear the rest of my thoughts each week as part of the Draft Doctors Podcast released each Monday.


We’re on to another bye round and I know there’s some moves being made, although with only four teams missing this week, it’s not the usual move-fest other weeks have been. I was quite happy getting a nice deal done in my home league: I was missing a lot of my players against a near full strength one, and the team I made the deal with needed the win and was able to secure it over a team I’m vying for a top 4 spot with, so it was a great deal from a strategy point in my eyes, even though it meant conceding my own match (though I was a HEAVY underdog).


Anyways, onto some deals!


SELL – DAYNE BEAMS (M) – Beams is back from his bye and he was electric in the two weeks before it, racking up some huge numbers. Beams is definitely a fantasy favourite and it makes sense to cash in on his good form for two reasons: one – you know his durability is always a concern; and two – the spectre of Tom Rockliff looms large. Beams output was certainly hampered earlier in the year when sharing the midfield with Rockliff. I’m not saying he’s going to drop off a cliff, he figures to average around a bout 100-102, but with Rocky out he was clearly a good clip above that.


ADD – JAKE SPENCER ( R ) – The Spencil is every chance to return this week, but it’s not really this week we’re looking at him for, although the Collingwood matchup isn;t that bad. No, I’ve got next week’s match against the Bulldogs on my mind. Ruckmen have been scoring easier than Brad Pitt at an over 28’s nightclub against the Dogs, so if you have a spare bench spot (in case Spencer doesn’t play this week), pick him up and roll him out next week. Owned in only 12% of Ultimate Footy leagues.


DROP – DANIEL WELLS (M) – Ok, so if you’re in a DEEP AFL Fantasy league where’s he’s gained F status, MAYBE you can justify hanging on but really, this is going to be a situation where you hang on for a bloke to always be a week away, and when he comes back is on limited minutes, has a poor role and doesn’t score much. Hasn’t been scoring well, just dump and scoop up someone who gets let into the waiver pool over the byes.


BUY – MATT PRIDDIS (M) – Priddis is a bit down this season (especially the last few weeks), and there’s talk he’s old, he’s lost it, basically – he’s washed up. But his stats aren’t majorly down, just the tackles and disposals are one or two down, but importantly his clearances are down 2.2 from last year. Good news, though – West Coast are about to regain a somewhat competent ruckman (Lycett) which, I’m hoping, improves West Coast and Priddis. Certainly, having the bye this week makes it even easier.


ADD – SHANE BIGGS (D) – Coming in at 64% ownership on Ultimate, Biggs can score when he’s on the park. An injury to Robert Murphy possibly hands Biggs a medal of opportunity for a few weeks. A good matchup against the Swans awaits.


DROP – KARL AMON (F) – His late, late out cost me a chance at victory, so this is a hate drop. He’s also missing 3-4 weeks with an injury. The second point may be more relevant to you.


BUY – STEVEN MAY (D) – Gun defender, yet not really considered a ‘premo’, as the cool kids say. Had his bye, I just think May is a star, relatively consistent and can throw out a banger. Easier to trade for than a Kade Simpson, has great value in SC, not a priority in DT formats, but still a good get.


BUY – BRAD CROUCH (M) – Crouch has managed to get through seven weeks of footy without requiring an ambulance, cast or witch doctor. Adelaide’s midfield has come under a bit of scrutiny but Crouch is finding more footy than ever, laying a good rate of tackles and doing his bit. Fantasy players often look for players who can deliver big second halves, I’m backing in Crouch to deliver after a decent start to the year.


SELL – LUKE DAHLHAUS (F) – Pretty flaming hot take to give up a gun forward, but if your forward line was pretty beefy and you needed help elsewhere, I think it makes sense to get some bang for your buck. We’ve seen Mitch Wallis come in and kill it, and I can’t imagine it’s great for Dahlhaus. Floor a bit lower, ceiling a bit lower and Bevo can do his forward mid rotation dance even easier. I still the Dahl’s fine, but he might be fine in the same way Heath Shaw is now, in that he doesn’t kill your team, but it’s not what you drafted.


ADD – NICK HAYNES (D) – Owned in only 62% of Ultimate leagues, Haynes is a reliable defender who scores well. Nearing a return from a long injury layoff, I’m sure the GWS team will look to get him in soon. His return may mean Williams can stay up the ground a bit longer until the forwards return. Absolutely worth a stash if you have the room to do it.


SELL – CAM PEDERSEN (R/F) – I mean, if you can. I wrote him up last week, the facts remain. The Spencil, Max Gawn and Jesse Hogan are nearing returns. He’s going to be a drop in a couple of weeks, so if you can dupe someone in your league, do it.


ADD – BRENDON AH CHEE (F/M) – Only 28% owned, Ah Chee has finally gotten his crack this year and scored really nicely for owners this past week. The ability to win the ball inside and out, go forward and score is all there. Always check teams with Ah Chee as he’s not a best 22 lock, but given Amon is out for a few weeks, look for him to score well and establish his spot in the team.


Good luck in your matchups this week!!