Late Week Pickups: Round

Each week we’ll be taking a look at some late week pickup options so that you can get a win over your league mates.  With these late week pickup’s, they’re all based on players who you wouldn’t necessarily play week to week, but have a great round matchup against the team they’re playing.

When we talk about these late week pickup’s we use a rule of 65% ownership or less on ultimate footy, just to give everyone a fair go at adding these players to your list.  Also, these players are based off 22 man squads in SuperCoach and 26 for Ultimate Footy, so if you are in a league that has less than this then there will be better talent in the pool.


Peter Wright: 2 metre Peter and the Gold Coast are taking on the Hawks this week and we have seen recently how easily teams that move the ball quickly can score against them. We spoke about Peter on the waiver wire show, but he is still sitting at an incredible 46% ownership. Fast ball movement and a slow Hawthorn make for plenty of scoring opportunities for Peter and the Gold Coast forward line.


Adam Saad: With Jarrod Harbrow joining the glug glug, vroom vroom school and a club imposed ban for this week, everything is coming up Adam Saad. At a low 25% ownership, we know Adam loves to run and carry the ball having seen him score pretty decent in the past. Saad now moves up in the pecking order and gets the chance to strut his stuff on the MCG Saturday afternoon. With his TOG at 80% look for Adam to be streaming out of defensive 50 and hitting up teammates further up the ground laces out.


Kieran Jack: Back from a hip injury and a wet night in Sydney on Thursday night, this is the sort of game he likes. Slow ball movement due to the weather and tackles, lots of tackles to be had. We know he has been a fantasy scorer in the past and seem to have fallen off the cliff this year, but this is his chance to redeem himself. At 59% ownership and the Swans already having their bye, he is worth a shot this week especially against the dogs who have been giving up midfield points.


Billy Longer: Right on the cusp at 65% ownership, Longer has taken the mantle of sole ruck with Tom Hickey down at the moment. Mentioned on Mondays pod it’s shown that rucks have scored well against big Sam Jacobs. With an average in Ultimate footy of 75 and 61.5 in SuperCoach we have seen Longer score well before. You just need to look back as far as the game against the Western Bulldogs.


Jordan Roughed: Tom Boyd didn’t make the flight to Sydney this week and with it raining very heavily all week and will be wet during the game, I can’t see the Bulldogs going in with Cloke, English and Roughead. Either Cloke or English will be dropped to make way for a smaller player. At 46% ownership, will get majority of the ruck time and will move forward for a rest. Up against Naismith with Tippett being dropped to the NEAFL. With it being wet in Sydney there will be lots of stoppages and contests to get those fantasy points up.


Matt Taberner: Surprisingly owned by 40% of teams on Ultimate Footy. You might be wondering why I’m including Taberner to the late week pickup list. Well simply for the fact in the 3 times he has played Brisbane, he has scored tonnes twice in both SuperCoach and AFL Fantasy. With McCarthy pushing up the ground, Taberner is playing the stay at home forward. If Freo can move the ball quickly (which we have seen glimpses), then there is no reason why Taberner can’t keep his good record going against the Lions.



Good luck in your matchup’s this week!!