EACH WEEK I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on which players to BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD and DROP in AFL Draft Leagues.  The moves are based on a 10 team redraft league with 22 players per team, so if your league is shallower, deeper or keeper, use your best judgement as to what moves apply.  Remember no-one HAS to trade with you, but the least you can do is make offers to try improve your team.  Also consider your league set up and team structure before making a move.  This is a list about value and treating your team as something that is constantly evolving to try get it as solid as it can be.  As I always say, “if you ain’t trading, you ain’t trying!”  You can hear the rest of my thoughts each week as part of the Draft Doctors Podcast released each Monday.


We’re still in bye week hell and I certainly hope you’ve managed to scrounge out a win or two.  I gotta say the GRIND is real, folks, this is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s twelve rounds, it’s a fight to the death, it’s….well it’s a game we play on our devices but it’s a long and stressful season!  Of course, teams have been cursed by injury, suspension and the fact Rhys Palmer still can’t crack it for a game.  But those savvy trades and waiver wire pickups have hopefully gotten you in place for a great tilt at what the whole point of the Draft Doctors is about – winning fantasy footy titles.  If you haven’t skipped this paragraph, you’re a legend, but let’s talk moves.


ADD – JACOB HOPPER (M/F) – Owned in only 45% of leagues on Ultimate Footy, I think there’s a good chance Hopper is worthy of a spot in your team for the second half.  We know Deledio has had another setback, and all jokes aside, there’s every chance he’s done for the year.  Tim Taranto has been great but surely is wearing down; Devon is injured and isn’t exactly the most durable of players.  Enter Hopper, who is ready to return after the bye to give your forward line a little added punch in a top two team.


ADD – LIAM JONES (F) – It’s bye week hell, and the guy played well in his new role.  He’s free, owned in only 10% of Ultimate leagues.  Stranger things have happened.  I think.


SELL – ZAK JONES (D/M) – What a great sleeper/waiver pick Jones has been.  Averaging well, not missing, it’s been a great ride.  Now, like the Gravatron at Luna Park, people who got on are now starting to puke.  If we look at Jones’ last 3 matches, two are horrible scores, with the one ton coming after Jake Lloyd was knocked out in the early parts of the match.  Jones’ role has changed and it’s affected his ability to knock out fantasy scores.  Get out now!


BUY – JASON JOHANNISEN (D) – If you need a defender, you might be able to get a good deal on JJ.  Tagged into the seventh layer of hell on the weekend, JJ was unable to do anything resembling footballing and his fantasy score was basically my shoe size.  There may be an inclination from coaches to try that as it clearly hampered the Doggie’s run, but Bob Murphy should be back in a couple of weeks, making tagging one somewhat moot.  You may have to wear a bad score or two, but I think it pays off in the long haul.  Remember to sell that tagging aspect to the JJ owner though!


BUY – LUKE HODGE (D) – Been solid this year, no doubt.  However, being rested last week and on bye this week, may have the Hodge owner panicking.  Worth enquiring if you need a defender, as Hodge is as solid as they come and will be wherever the Hawks need him on the park.


HOLD – STEFAN MARTIN ( R ) – It’s hard to buy or sell on Martin, although I’d rather be buying that selling.  The re-signing of Josh Schache would make one think that one of the rucks become redundant, and at this stage it should be Archie Smith, although there’s no certainty the Lions gift Schache games.  Selling becomes hard as so many late rucks have hit, people simply don’t need to pay for one.  Feel good about Martin though.


ADD – JAKE BARRETT (F/M) – In leagues without DPP additions, only a mid makes him a tough add, but owned in only 53% of Ultimate leagues where he has gotten F status makes him an auto add.  Average has picked up, finding the ball, laying tackles and importantly – has hit the scoreboard in his last 5 matches.  A must have.


DROP – KEIRAN JACK (M) –  Old, slow, doesn’t find enough pill, doesn’t tackle enough, gets role changes he’s not suited to.  Basically Andrew Swallow.  Jack used to be a gun, but it’s time to move on from him like it’s time to move on from someone who stole all the potato cakes from the fish and chip order.


BUY – TOM SCULLY (M) – Probably hard to get in your SC leagues, but if you need a good mid in DT, Scully’s scores have dipped of late.  Reason – game time.  His game time is down significantly over the last two weeks and I think it was just to get him to the bye.  Scully is a TOG beast, but he’d been playing some ridiculous levels in the weeks prior, including a registered 100% against Collingwood.  It’s absurd to think a pure mid can rack up those sort of minutes and not feel any effect.  I expect Scully to come out fresh and firing after the bye.


DROP – ANDY OTTEN (D/F) – Still owned in a lot of leagues, Otten was a great stop-gap for owners, but there’s no reason to be holding him like 66% of Ultimate owners are.  Mitch McGovern is on the comeback trial also, so it seems like Otten’s days may be nearing an end.  On bye this week, use the roster spot.


ADD – AARON YOUNG (F) – Lowly owned, Young had a ripper in the seconds last week and is well placed to get a call up to face the Lions after a few of the Port players didn’t impact the game against Essendon at all.  Is certainly capable of scoring well, if Port are the real deal then Brisbane will go down quicker than Channel Ten’s share prices.  Port have been doing the job in wins also, so expect a goal or two or three for Young if named.


This last one’s personal.  It’s to myself.  Allow me to indulge as I shed a tear into this delicious (and far superior to any Tasmanian pinot) Mornington Peninsula pinot noir.


DROP – BRETT DELEDIO (F) – Steven.  It’s time.  You drafted him late, you’ve withstood things, but it’s time.  Lids, at this point, is much like your hopes, dreams and potential – not coming back.  Yes, some other prick in your league will no doubt scoop him up and stick Lids on the bench until finals, during which time a faith healer has visited GWS HQ and touched his calves, miraculously curing them.  And yes, Lids will no doubt knock out a 110 in said finals destroying your being.  But would you want it any other way?  Would you really want something to happen that you couldn’t bitch endlessly about?  Drop him to the pile with the Mitch Robinson’s, the Curtly Hampton’s and all the other souls rotting on the waiver wire.  Pick up your Jacob Hopper or the like and make do.  And when you’re done reading this and you ignore it all and say ‘he’ll score good once he’s right’, realise this: Liam Jones currently has more value.

I hope you all get a win and don’t have nightmares.