Late Week Pickups: Round 13

Each week we’ll be taking a look at some late week pickup options so that you can get a win over your league mates.  With these late week pickup’s, they’re all based on players who you wouldn’t necessarily play week to week, but have a great round matchup against the team they’re playing.

When we talk about these late week pickup’s we use a rule of 65% ownership or less on ultimate footy, just to give everyone a fair go at adding these players to your list.  Also, these players are based off 22 man squads in SuperCoach and 26 for Ultimate Footy, so if you are in a league that has less than this then there will be better talent in the pool.


Scott Thompson (North Melbourne): Up against the Saints this week and we all know how they’ve been travelling. We saw last week how well the Crows defenders scored with the Saints just bombing the ball inside 50 and the Crows easily rebounding it. While Thompson hasn’t been giving you great scores this year, he has been producing some decent enough scores. Not so much that you can own him, but in the last of the bye rounds this week he will give you a more than decent enough scores to get you out of trouble.

While he hasn’t been the fantasy scorer of old, he still has been putting up scores in the mid 70’s which is fine for these bye round matches.


Lewis Jetta: Now you may laugh at this selection, but Jetta in his last 2 weeks has produced a ton in a loss against the Giants (at Domain stadium) and mid 70’s in a loss to God Coast last week. Owned by 47% of teams on Ultimate Footy, Jetta has been able to find the pill and hit the scoreboard for the Eagles since his return. Up against the Cats this week who have played there last 3 matches at the narrow Simmonds stadium, the Eagles should be able to account for the Cats on the wide Domain stadium ground.


Rhys Stanley:  No Tomahawk and Blicavs this week make it a perfect time to bring Stanley. Owned by 44% of teams and sharing ruck duties with Zac Smith. We’ve seen Stanley take contested marks and kick goals before and with R/F status is a great get if you need to fill either position. With the wide ground, it should provide plenty of room for Stanley to get a on a lead and take a few marks and slot some goals as well.


Nathan Vardy: Owned by 59% of teams, Vardy is up against Zac Smith and Stanley and should win the hitout battle or get you enough to get you a decent score. Has been scoring nicely in both formats and that should continue this week. He will only be relevant for another week or two until Lycett is back in the team, so best make hay while the sun shines.


Luke Dunstan:  With Jack Steele being dropped because coach Richo wouldn’t play him in the guts, Dunstan gets his chance to score us some sweet, sweet fantasy points. Up against North who you can argue have no players worth tagging, Luke should get midfield rotation as Koby Stevens won’t be locked in there tagging. Even if Alan Richardson uses him as a defensive forward he can still core well on the back of those tackles and goals. Owned by 47% of teams.


Kane Lambert: A new role down back for ‘Lambo’, we have seen defences score well against the Swans. See last week with the Dogs as all the defender gave you a good return in your fantasy scoring (barring JJ). With all the talk of Houli or Dusty getting a tag, that will free up Lambert to be the guy who starts the chain in the Tigers offence. His time on ground has been up in the 80% range so will see plenty of it. Look to see him push into the midfield as well. Ownership at 52%.


Toby Mclean: While he slightly above the 65% rule (I know!!), in what can be a real arm wrestle match, Toby has a knack to draw a free kick from time to time. Add to that he is playing between the arcs and pushing forward, Toby is a tough nut who can kick goals and lay a tackle. Dogs have been down for a few weeks, look to them to bring the heat this week with some insane pressure around the contest and Toby will be one of them.


That’s it for this week, good luck in your matchup’s this week!!