EACH WEEK I’ll be bringing you my thoughts on which players to BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD and DROP in AFL Draft Leagues.  The moves are based on a 10 team redraft league with 22 players per team, so if your league is shallower, deeper or keeper, use your best judgement as to what moves apply.  Remember no-one HAS to trade with you, but the least you can do is make offers to try improve your team.  Also consider your league set up and team structure before making a move.  This is a list about value and treating your team as something that is constantly evolving to try get it as solid as it can be.  As I always say, “if you ain’t trading, you ain’t trying!”  You can hear the rest of my thoughts each week as part of the Draft Doctors Podcast released each Monday.


Honestly, it’s an exciting time of year, but a sad time of year.  We’re almost at fantasy finals!  WOO!  What we’ve been busy researching, trading, waivering, streaming and out-witting league mates for is finally here!  Which also means, the season is almost over.  And if you don’t snare that title, an entire offseason of misery and being taunted and mocked by your league’s champion.  We’ve received a lot of messages about y’all being right up there on the ladder and a massive chance to take home the title.  We love this.  It’s why we do the pod, write articles, answer questions on social media – to give you our opinions on things to make the best decisions for your team.  And YOU make those decisions, it’s YOUR team and that glory will be YOURS!  So, let’s make the right moves!


Given we’re near the end of the season, I’ll go ahead and assume your league’s trading deadline has passed, meaning I’ll be focusing on add/drops you can make.  We may not get a dozen, but I’ll be trying for you.  If you are still making deals, feel free to hit us up on the Twitter or Facebook.


ADD – AARON MULLETT (D) – Mentioned on the pod and in this column last week and duly delivered a ton in both DT and SC.  Only owned in 39% of leagues according to UF, Mullett is a great option with MacMillan sidelined.


ADD – BLAINE BOEKHORST (F/M) – Very speculative, but Nick Graham is owned at a too higher rate to consider.  The fact is there is a spot up for grabs in the Carlton midfield and Boekhorst has killed it the last two weeks in the seconds.  If I’m Carlton I wouldn’t mind finding out a little bit more about this guy before the end of the year.  Might not do much, but worth a stash.  Kerridge is only 66% owned and seems locked in though, so check who’s on your wire.


ADD – ANTHONY MILES (M) – Only 28% owned, if you need mid bench cover, Miles has every chance to get another crack in the team.  The Tigers were pantsed, the media finally shone a torch on Prestia, it could happen.


DROP – PATRICK CRIPPS (M) – Unless you’re in a keeper (duh), but done for the year.


DROP – CAM PEDERSEN (R/F) – I mean, I’m not because he was great to us doing the interview on the pod and seems like a ripper bloke, so I’m going for the good fantasy karma by keeping him on the bench.  You don’t have those #feels though, and if you didn’t manage to trade him, now’s cutting time.  Hogan’s back, Gawn’s back, T-Mac is apparently the new Wayne Carey and Jack Watts will be back at some point (one would assume).  We love you, Cam, and forever will.


ADD – JAMES SICILY (F) – Only owned in 48% of leagues on UF, and since I’m writing this Tuesday night but will come out after the new position changes – he should add DEF status making him more valuable (defs less replaceable than fwds this season).  Sicily has duly knocked out 88, 85 and 112 DT since being moved to defence.  A great addition to any team.


ADD – JACK DARLING (F) – More a stash for the future.  If you’re playing finals starting round 19, WCE have good home matchups in that round and a not bad matchup in round 21.  Whilst much-maligned, Darling has kicked at least 2 goals in all but 3 matches this year, providing a reasonable consistency albeit without a huge ceiling.


ADD – JEFF GARLETT (F) – If your finals encompass rounds 22 and 23, where the Demons have great matchups.  The other Demon forwards are highly owned, Garlett has been a bit up and down, but has produced some great scores at times.


DROP – SCOTT THOMPSON (M) – We love ol’ Guns Thompson, but the way to stay in the team after being out all year isn’t to give away 5 frees.  Unfortunately, just depth, maybe used to give someone a rest again, but I can’t trust the scores when the Crows midfield already has dominant ball winners.