Late Week Pickups: Round 19

Each week we’ll be taking a look at some late week pickup options so that you can get a win over your league mates. With these late week pickup’s, they’re all based on players who you wouldn’t necessarily play week to week, but have a great round matchup against the team they’re playing.

When we talk about these late week pickup’s we use a rule of 65% ownership or less on ultimate footy, just to give everyone a fair go at adding these players to your list. Also, these players are based off 22 man squads in SuperCoach and 26 for Ultimate Footy, so if you are in a league that has less than this then there will be better talent in the pool.



Braydon Preuss: Back in the team this week to give Majak a break after running out of gas against the Bombers last week. In 64% of teams I can see that number going up, especially with the number of ruck men starting to go down.

2 DreamTeam tonnes and 1 in SuperCoach make for a great pickup if you need to fill that ruck position or some handy bench cover.


Dawson Simpson: With big mummy out for at least one week and maybe even two, its Dawson’s time to shine in the sun. Easily attainable at 12% and up against a 1st year player in Sean Darcy, he should be able to account for him and return you a good fantasy score.


Ben Brown: Ol sideshow Bob himself has been in good form of late, averaging 102 in the last 3 rounds in Supercoach and 90 in Ultimate Footy. At 52% ownership and playing in Tassie where they play pretty well and can kick a bag.


Jamie Cripps: When I look at late week pickups, I look at teams and players with plus matchups and this is certainly one of those. We all expect West Coast to account for Brisbane easily and Jamie has a great record against the Lions.

With a 59% ownership Jamie has a 91 average in SuperCoach and 92 in DreamTeam look to stash him as bench cover or if you’re in an elimination final, roll him out to get the win.


Jeff Garlett: Up against the Roo’s this week and in the past, we have seen small forwards able to kick multiple goals against their defence. Just look at Orazio Fantasia last week where he bagged 4.

At 42% ownership and in a game where I don’t think there will be too much emphasis on defence, look for Jeff to kick a bag.


Luke Ryan: Back in the team this week, Luke has provided us with some pretty handy fantasy scores. At 20% ownership and the Dockers playing GWS, we can expect the ball to be going inside defensive 50 a lot in this game, Luke should be able to rack up the marks and possessions to give us a solid fantasy score.