Players to draft to rebuild your keeper league


The majority of players will be still hurting from another season where our keeper league did not add anything to the trophy cabinet and plotting away to find the right mix to be premiers in 2018.  If you are in the rebuild phase and need to look at the longer term build before a premiership hopefully we can help you find a few gems here.  This week we will look at the midfield and the rucks and next week take a glance at defenders and forwards.


The Midfield – Smaller Leagues 60-120 keepers

Dom SheedWest Coast Eagles.  Ranking in the 80’s for midfielder average and overall scoring last year means there is a chance that Dom Sheed will not be kept.  For leagues that have 10 teams and 10 keepers, generally you would only have 35-40 mids retained. Although those that are hot on Dom (Statesman included) could say he would make that cut easy, let us go through that exercise.

Titch, Danger, Zerrett, Adams, Martin, James Kelly, Rockliff, Zorko, Neale, Duncan, Gibbs, Treloar, Sloane, M Crouch, Pendlebury, Murphy, Sidebottom, Fyfe, Beams, Macrae, B Crouch, Ebert, N Jones, Ross, Oliver, Gaff, Bontempelli, Wines, Parker, Cripps, Hall, JPK, Coniglio, Selwood, Shiel, Dan Han, Jack Steven, Viney, Hunter, Blakely – it was so easy to rattle off 40 without even thinking about it.

So he should be available in many of our keeper leagues and he won’t be available for too long in redraft as coaches should pounce in the first round.  With Priddis and Mitchell gone Jack Redden and Dom Sheed will be the big winners. 2017 ADP of 258



Brayden Fiorini – Gold Coast.  This young man is entering his third season and has already shown us his scoring potential with six tons in his first 15 games, including that 166 against Port Adelaide in only his second game.  Like Dom he simply is not in the top 40 standings so most leagues will let him loose and should be a star straight up for any team that redrafts him.

Gold coast have had a good list clean out and new football department including coach so we should see the young stars given every opportunity this year.  2017 ADP of 228


The Midfield – Larger Leagues 120-180 keepers


Rhys Mathieson – Brisbane.  If anyone was born to take over the Rocky role it would be this lad.  He is an inside beast, and ball magnet from the first day he played footy.  Decorated junior career and has started his senior career in similar fashion.  In his first season he had nine clearances in one game opposed to Joel Selwood.

It’s hard not to be hot on him in his third year.  A perfect fantasy game, hard at it, wins his own ball, tackles well and not the most damaging kick so unlikely to get tagged.  Enjoy his break out season. 2017 ADP of 266.



Luke PartingtonWest Coast Eagles.  Lots of talk about who gains with the changing of the guard at the Eagles.  We should not forget the upcoming talent that will also get a major boost with opportunities and roles.  Partington will be one of the big winners and will be value in every format in 2018, not least the keeper leagues.   He dominated the WAFL in 2017 playing through the midfield and earnt an AFL debut in round 19 and played in six games whilst the team was fighting for a finals position.

Earning a spot that late in the year with Priddis and Mitchell still in the team is a good sign for the young SA lad, who is set for a breakout third season in 2018.  Will be a magnet for years to come. 2017 ADP of 422.


The Rucks

There seems to be three rucks in for a big fantasy future, when their time comes is the biggest question mark, as there are only a few rather than allocate them to size of league it is more about who is available so it is best to place them in order.


  1. Sean Darcy – Fremantle. Leads the list of the upcoming ruckman even though he is only heading into his second year.  With Sandilands (35) on his last legs and Griffin and Clarke no longer on the clubs list, the Dockers will head to Darcy for development once finals are off the radar.  2019 will be breakout year for Sean but a debut season average of 83 already shows he will be a quality scorer once the number 1 ruck at the club.  Yes the club did draft a couple of mature age rucks but they are there for security only.  2017 ADP of 309


  1. Braydon Preuss – North Melbourne. At 23 years of age it should be his time and it would be if he was at another club. As North have three options for that position including Todd Goldstein it is hard to see him having a dominating season for a few years yet. It will come but at least with Darcy you know when.  2017 ADP of 286


  1. Tim English – Western Bulldogs. Needs to gain strength and weight which will happen in a few preseasons.  Has the talent so worthwhile if you have the space on your list although more likely a 4th or 5th year breakout player so you will have to be patient.  2017 ADP of 287

7 comments on “Players to draft to rebuild your keeper league”

  1. Hello Gents,
    Loving the POD at the moment! Really appreciated that you pushed through over the holiday period so i could get my fantasy fix.
    Onto my question, keeper related, what are the gents strategies/theories when it comes to comprising their keeper team?
    Lock away one position (eg. get all the best mids you can)? Get players that you like to watch? Or do you just enjoy the ongoing list management compare to 1 season set-ups?

    Also, keen to hear what you all listen to yourselves in regards to podcasts, so perhaps a Top 5 of what you all listen to?

    1. Thanks for the question – in terms of selecting keepers, you’re looking for a combination of scoring, role security and age. Guys like Isaac Smith from last season who gain F status and are likely to lose it the following year but haven’t shown the ability to average big as a pure mid don’t have the long term value that a younger player with forward status who should develop into a big scoring mid later – think Darcy Parish this year.
      Mids are certainly important as they’re the big scorers, most fielded position and hardest to draft at their peak, but also important are those good fantasy players who score well and are going to remain as either a F or D for a long time – think Docherty and Zac Willi…..oh maybe I meant to say Toby Greene.

      Love the top 5 idea, we’ll def get that one in!

      1. Oh Zac….
        Was very close to looking at a trade with him involved, it’s horrible but at lease i didn’t pull the trigger on it.

        I look forward to hearing about the Pinot Podcast from The Statesman.

  2. Ive got to cut some players for my keeper league with brad hill, harley bennell, mitch wallis, ANB, t.mcdonald and higgins.
    Can only keep 3.
    From a final squad of 23 i have locked
    10 mids, 2 rucks, 3 forwards and 5 backs.
    Was leaning towards wallis, ANB and bennell. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Shane thanks for the question. The Statesman answered this but being technological challenged I am posting for him.
      He would keep ANB, Hill and Wallis. That way it gives you 10 mids, 2 rucks, 3 forwards and 5 backs. You could easily drop hill as well as T Mac has DPP.

      1. Thanks for the relay.
        With wallis and ANB that boosts my forwards to 5. Hill brings my mids to 11.
        Really its that last spot between Hill, Bennell, t.macdonald and Even heath shaw.
        Do you really think its time to cut bennell? Ive got doubts about t.mac playing forward this season cant see him avg over 75. And is shaw worth keeping?

  3. In an AF scoring keeper league and can keep 7 players. I’ve gone youth-friendly and right now my keepers are: Zorko, Shiel, Steele, Petracca, Laird, Hibberd and Blakely. I’ve decided to omit Goddard, Redden, and Gunston at this stage. Would you suggest any swaps? I’m a little worried about ditching Goddard as I know he will pop out around 100 a game regardless of his age… I just can’t bring myself to ditch Steele/Petracca/Blakely when I know how much potential is there for the next 10 years. I also think Redden will have a big year now that Priddis and Mitchell are gone. Very tough to nail down a 7 from those 10!!

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