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Part of doing ranks is keeping them up to date. News is always happening over the preseason. Roles are being discussed, players are burning up tracks or down houses and unfortunately, dealing with injuries. I’ll be updating my ranks weekly in preparation for upcoming drafts.

These ranks have already been built into the mock draft site at www.mock.thedraftdoctors.com.au and will be updated over the weekend.

This week the big movers are:

RORY LOBB – DOWN to F14 in all fantasy formats – I had Rory Lobb reasonably high in my initial ranks but a limited preseason and news he may not even line up in round one is a concern, especially given we’re talking a soft tissue injury and we’re projecting it to be his first year as solo ruck. Proceed with caution. Not moving Simpson up at this stage, as this situation was built into his early rank.

JOSH J KENNEDY – DOWN to R 22 in SuperCoach – Wasn’t super concerned with the key forward having a limited preseason but it’s really starting to drag. Also concerned about West Coast as a whole with numerous modified programs being reported on. Already was low in DT style ranks but the West Coast spearhead has to drop in SuperCoach also.

ISAAC HEENEY – UP to F1 all formats – With Billings hambone concerns and Menegola’s role questions, I’ve moved Heeney to the top of all forward ranks. He does feel like the most likely forward to have a breakout into the 105+ range. Not dropping Billings away from the top tier, more just a massage of the tier itself. Heeney has claims to be the first non-mid off the board.

JASPER PITTARD – UP to D37 SC; D31 AF; D35 UF – With Broadbent sidelined, there’s slightly less competition on the Port half-back line and I think there’s enough reason to move Pittard out of the glut of Port defenders. Make no mistake, someone else in fact emerge to be the best option, but at this stage Pittard’s history gives him the edge.

NIC NAITANUI – DOWN to R9 in SuperCoach – Things don’t sound super positive for NicNat, so moving him down the list can only make sense. Already low in DT formats, others have more appeal at this stage in the SC format.

JACK STEVEN – UP to M33 SC and M28 AF/UF – So we’ve learned recently that Steven was battling hamstring tendonitis last season, which makes a whole lot of sense. His numbers didn’t fall away horribly, aside from his effectiveness and a 3% dip in game time. A former top scorer coming in at unders. Moving him up to put him right in the frame to draft as an M4 before others do.

Have you moved anyone in your ranks this week? Let us know!

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  1. Can I get some insight into Stefan Martin, two of the “Draft Doctors” have ranked him in to top five (and ever three) ruckman. I understand that over the past few years he’s been a force to reckon with . However, I’m worried about the duel ruckman trend that’s going around the afl and inturn Brisbane (in this example Archie Smith taking ruck while martin goes half forward) and how that will impact his scoring.

    1. Not one of the Draft Doctors, but I doubt Smith is going to take much time away from Martin this year. It doesn’t sound like Archie is making a strong case for himself.

    2. No worries. Martin’s best extremely durable and one of the top scoring rucks over the last 3 seasons, with arguably the highest ceiling. The fact he can still knock out a 120 score even with Archie in the team is testament to his fantasy prowess. I don’t see Archie as a big threat in terms of his games total, more so that he will get a couple of games to give Stef a breather through the middle of the year. With Brisbane getting stronger, competition for spots should ensure they can’t ‘gift’ games. Of course, could be miles off and they pump Archie, there is always that risk, but I prefer this situation to say a Collingwood set up.

  2. What are you thoughts on what Neale will average this year? With him being ranked 5 and 6 at the moment, ahead of Adams, Sloane, Crouch, Zorko. Does this mean he would average 110+?

    1. 110. Doesn’t have the ultimate ceiling that a couple of those guys you listed do, but imo each of them has a question, be it floor, injury, etc

      1. Interesting, i have pick 8 but i cant see Neale going in the first 2 rounds with my group of lads. Bonzai 10 teams going 5-7-1-5/4. Im thinking Heeney at 8 then a captain at 12? or go capt first then hopefully pick up heeney at 12?

      2. Wow, that’s a great spot to be in! We’re in a similar boat, I have pick 7 in main league banzai. Heeney very much in play. Lotta mids I rate about the same. If Neale makes it to me on way up, probably makes it back weirdly enough. Depends how you rate the mids as to which way you want to go, and of course who falls in the draft!

  3. Zac, I’m thinking of doing something similar with pick 10 (3/4/1/3/5) 16 teams, snake. Same league for the past few years which sees ruckman being gobbled up pretty quick.

    So I’m thinking Barlow, Highest averaging ruckman and then Mid. I see Neale still being there in the late third round.

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