As we all shrugged our shoulders and took almost nothing away from the AFLX matches, we look ahead to the JLT matches. Of course, this week the reranks are more a reaction to a few injuries that have popped up and the clubs have been good enough to actually admit them to us. Next week will no doubt be a big week for reranks as JLT matches occur and we head into the last couple of weeks before the bulk of drafts take place.


TOM ROCKLIFF – SC M12 to M21; DT M10 to M18

I’m just over Rockliff. I know, the ceiling, whatever. Too many shoulder injuries and now knee issues that are allegedly keeping him out of the JLT. Honestly, I just want someone else to draft him so I don’t have to deal with it. He’s kept in a range where if I’m drafting around pick 40 and he’s there I’ll be okay with it, but honestly, he’s just a terrifying player to own and equally to come up against!

GRANT BIRCHALL – SC D54 to D66; AFLF D47 to D58; UF D52 to D63

Already missed so much of the preseason, now set to miss round 1 of the season proper. His scores have been on the decline for a few years, would now just rather leave the 80 average for someone else. Still draftable in deep leagues, but things aren’t looking great for a turnaround.

DAN HANNEBERY – SC M38 to M46; DT M39 to M45

Shaky preseason to go with his crummy back half of 2017. Hamstrings terrify me at best, especially when you’re not a key position player. Still draftable, but has just slid into M5 range. I do think it franks last week’s move of Heeney to F1.


ALEX NEAL-BULLEN – SC F66 to F44; AFLF F65 to F35; UF F67 to F37

Really broke out last year and think he can at least repeat. Had a nice-ish finish to the year with a score build that shows he can succeed in multiple ways, building out possessions with either marks or tackles. Dom Tyson’s injury opens up some minutes in what’s becoming a competitive Melbourne midfield, but ANB showed his wares and succeeded last year. To be fair, was probably a low rank to start but the forwards are a bit of a minefield.

RILEY BONNER – SC D61 to D47; AFLF D58 to D43; UF D63 to D58

Been on the list for a couple of years and only managed a handful of games, but one was an impressive final and has shown fantasy ability in his few matches. The Port backline looked a hard to read area heading into the preseason with spots tough to grab. But Broadbent’s injury has opened up a spot, and now with Polec looking likely to miss at least the JLT and in serious doubt for the first couple of rounds with a hamstring injury, there’s a spot on the wing that could go Bonner’s way. The Port side has so many moving parts its still tough to get a read on so the D5 range is fair and won’t kill your draft capital.  The fact The Phantom likes him gives me confidence.