It’s that stage of the year. When a JLT match can make you question everything you’ve been working on. Too many traps, too many bolters, not enough blokes laying tackles! Some things were confirmed, others simply firmed and others were blown up. This week’s rankings moves……..


AARON MULLETT – SC D52 to D67; AFLF D39 to D60; UF D44 to D65

Was somewhat imagining Mullett as a major ball user off half back for Carlton this year. We used Mullett a lot of the waiver wire last year and things seemed to make sense. Aside from his total lack of ability to defend. Maybe first game for new club, but feel a big drop is warranted here. Back to the pile, Mullettman.


Really unfortunate ACL injury to hit a promising youngster. Hope he bounces back next year but this year is a wipe.


DEVON SMITH – SC F8 to F5; AFLF F11 to F6; UF F11 to F6

Everything we wanted and expected at the DD crew. In fact Lunchmeat going through the middle and scoring well coincided with a few questions being raised of other low F1, high F2 types. Will be someone’s first forward. The only question is are you the one to roll the dice on his injury concerns?

PAUL SEEDSMAN – SC D70 to D48; AFLF D70 to D39; UF D75 to D44

Big jump for the Seed but being a link player on a team with a good defence who can move the ball should be a somewhat fantasy friendly role. He’ll be plonked out on a wing where hopefully he can stay out of harm’s way and score well. Has shown a ceiling so some decent upside with this late pick.

ANGUS BRAYSHAW – SC D53 to D38; AFLF D50 to D33; UF D54 to D38

I’m always terrified of the concussion victims, hopefully a full offseason will remedy things. Put together some okay scores in the back half of last year and has plenty of upside. A high pedigree who you should get through the mid-late rounds of your draft and can score well. Has to be a riser.

JACK REDDEN – SC M44 to M36; DT M46 to M33; UF M46 to M33

Already had him in a very fair range, but his ability as an extractor was on full show in the Eagles JLT match. Has the potential to average a ton and we’ve seen it, but we’d be happy with a high 90s in this range. Wouldn’t mind him playing a little less game time in JLT 2 to hide his scores a bit!

DYLAN SHIEL – SC M50 to M35; DT M50 to M37; UF M50 to M37

Ok, I’m giving my head a shake for rating Shiel so low to start with. We’ve all loved the talent but nagging injuries, a packed midfield and low TOG have kept Shiel from truly breaking out. He’s little similar to Wines in the TOG aspect. Still it was all on display against the unit Collingwood rolled out as he punished the Pies oddly constructed unit. I’m not ready to push the chips all in on Shiel as JLT form and all, but he does have more upside than a lot of the blokes I’ve got ranked in the M4 range. Plus, with all the injuries at GWS, a class mid or 2 may not get as much time in the guts to cover other areas.