Steady as They Come

Jackson Macrae: Macrae isn’t and will never be an ultra-premium fantasy scorer, but what he will be is steady as they come. Averaging over 104 in AFL fantasy and 106 in SuperCoach in 2017, Macrae is the perfect M3 in both formats of the game.


Macrae started off his career as a seagull waiting for the ball to be fed to him, but as he has progressed to being a blend of the inside/outside player where he can win his own ball from an opposition player. In 2017 Macrae raised his contested possessions a game to 11, up from 9.2 in 2016 as well centre clearances up 15 and stoppage clearances by 16 meaning he was in the guts more often.


With the Bulldogs having lots of the fwd/mid players in the 22, Macrae won’t be spending a lot of time up forward. Yes, we all know he was listed as a forward but in his whole career he has kicked just 21 goals. 2 of those 21 goals coming in 2017. So where will he be spending his time you ask? In the middle. Averaging 84% TOG in the last 4 years which is on par with Dangerfield, Macrae has the endurance to run out majority of game and has the game which is built for fantasy scoring.


Something doesn’t smell right

Luke Dahlhaus: Over the past 3 years Dahlhaus fantasy scores have been in decline. Why is that? Well back in 2015 had a career year when he was playing majority of his time in the midfield due to long term injuries to other Bulldog midfielders. When those midfielders returned in 2016, Dahlhaus was pushed out to give more time to others which included Toby Mclean, Josh Dunkley etc. Also, in 2016, Luke Beveridge and the Bulldogs became a team that favoured the handball over the kick, which as we know is less points in fantasy.


In 2017 we saw a positional change with Luke Dahlhaus spending more time forward and Toby McLean more time in the midfield. This hampered Dahlhaus ability to score and it showed as he had less kicks, tackles, clearances and inside 50’s to the previous 2 years.


The Bulldogs are hard team to gauge fantasy wise as Luke Beveridge likes to mix things up. While Dahlhaus won’t be falling off the cliff fantasy wise people will be wary of drafting him early. I’m looking at him in the F3 range this year.


Value Pick

Toby McLean: He may not be a “name” player in the AFL world, but Toby McLean is fast becoming one in fantasy football. McLean was moved into the midfield in late 2017 and started producing some big scores that made fantasy coaches sit up and take notice.


Listed as a forward McLean averaged in the mid to late 90’s in all formats of fantasy in the last 8 rounds of the home and away season. McLean’s main strength is his tackling with his averge going up to 4.5 a game, up from 2.5. All his other stats went up as well across the board except marks which is to be expected when playing inside midfield.


McLean averaged 85 in both formats last year and not being a known name in fantasy, there is plenty of upside to McLean who is entering his 4th year of AFL. Grab him as an F3 and sit back and enjoy the returned value of this pick.