One thing that will please Carlton fans and hopefully footy fans in general is finally getting to see Matthew Kreuzer have a good run of luck.  Injuries derailed a lot of his career but he’s back and #sources tell me he’s played 55 out of his last possible 57 games.  That’s #good.  And he broke out to be the top scoring ruck in 2017 in both formats.  We know the top ruck hasn’t repeated since Dean Cox, but it’s not out of the question.  He is being drafted near the top of all rucks, but if you like drafting a ruck early and not worrying about things – and – 2 of Gawn, Ryder and Grundy have been drafted, it’s probably not a horrible pick.  His role should be secure despite murmurings of Lobbe getting a game and he should continue to score well.  If you’re in a 14 or more team league, he’s certainly worth a look as someone who may slip past the other big names.  If you’re in a 2 ruck league, either quit that league or change the settings.



One of the worst things to happen this offseason was the Sam Docherty injury.  One of the more interesting things was watching the various takes on Fantasy Footy Twitter and how the gurus evaluated the impact on Kade Simpson.  We know Simpson is durable and a consistent scorer.  We also know he’s pretty old in AFL years.  What interests me is that Simpson’s best games last year correlated pretty strongly to Docherty’s and so did his lower scoring games.  Carlton have spoken about changing game style to attempt to move the ball quicker.  How does that tie into Simpson’s fantasy scoring?  It’s hard to say, but I can’t imagine he’s going to improve.  In fact, based on his ADP, I can’t see myself drafting Simpson.  Going at pick 18 in AFL Fantasy drafts and 28 in SC ones, I’d rather grab players going a round later like Hurley, Rance (SC), Houli and Hibberd.  If you like Simpson, that’s fine, he probably won’t hurt you, but I’d rather go a different way, probaby grabbing another mid and getting one of the others listed in the next round.



When your ADP is in the 200s, it’s fair to say you’re a lottery ticket.  Liked Marchbank’s game in the first JLT hitout and he is someone who may mop up some of the Sam Docherty points left on the table.  Now, I’m not expecting that to be an every week thing, but if he can put together a good run of games where that happens, we can reassess.  Do we hold or try to trade?  He will be playing if fit, has put some games under his belt and is in the backline of a team we can expect to lose more games than they win.  Has shown the ability to have 20 disposal games and at the point of the draft you’re getting him, coupled with the fact the defensive line in reasonably thin make this an interesting pick.