More info in the form of JLT matches and injury news. Some helpful, but I’m always wary of mistruths.  Sorry for not including actual rank moves in this, it’ll be more of an up/down column this week as I’m on a well-earned break.  I realise it’s draft season and that’s of no comfort to you, but it’ll have to do I’m afraid.  Back to the real numbers next week but for now





Impressed after battling injury last year to a fantasy ton in both formats in a JLT match, something not many are doing.  We’ve been big fans of Dunkley since his very first preseason match for the Dogs a few years ago.  He won’t ton up every week but he’s certainly got some upside.  If he weren’t in a team with so many players of his ilk he’d be ranked higher.  Already had him at a solid rank so not moving too far, but he’ll be a lottery ticket you can take in the later rounds of your draft with confidence.



With the disappointing news of Sam Naismith’s ACL injury, the fantasy world takes a look at the dwindling Sydney ruck stocks.  I’m not keen on Callum Sinclair (who we’ve seen be meh) or Darcy Cameron (as who knows?).  But I do believe a pinch hitter forward can get a bump.  The most likely candidates are either Reid or Dean Towers.  I’ll take my chances and move Reid up, as Towers isn’t a best 22 lock in my opinion (although the coaches may think so and I’ll pay attention).  May only be an option in deeper leagues but there is some upside.  Sydney have a tough draw to start the year, so he might be floating on your waiver wire when the Swans have some better matchups and you can stream him in those weeks.



Hard to ignore the form, it’s been a long time since Armitage’s outlier year battling injuries.  Looked good in the practice match, pushing Steele and Dunstan into different roles at times.  Not going crazy moving him up, but definitely keeping safe and in the back of my mind.



So, not quite at the giddy heights we had him ranked last year, this feels like fool’s gold with a couple of solid JLT performances.  Rolling the dice on Caddy as an F4 won’t kill you with the value of the pick being quite low when you get into round 16 (which is where we’re looking at him).  Had him very low after last year, but he does have a fantasy game inside him although it doesn’t seem he’ll ever get those big mid minutes at the Tigers.  This has trap written all over it, but if you draft him and he pops early, will be a handy trade asset.



Talent and opportunity.  With Vardy down for a month and NicNat (and JJK) in a race to be ready for round one, expect Lycett to be on the ground the whole time.  Has been a good point scorer in the past, has to come in to draft calculations now.




Was watching McCluggage intently in the JLT match, and he just didn’t look great.  Fumbly and rushed.  He scored ok given how the match went, but he might be a bit like Darcy Parish was in 2017 (not that that’s a slight!).  Good, not great, although he does have the benefit of the forward status.  Was hoping he’d be one of the second year players who can jump, but might just have to wait a year on this former junior fantasy star.



Battling a calf complaint and not a big DT scorer anyway, Hill seems to be racing the clock to be fit for round one.  Take a chance elsewhere.









Kills me to say it but if you’re not named in either JLT games and you’re fit, something ain’t right.