Back to best – Luke Parker

2016: Games:22 Average: DT:109/SC:111

2017: Games:22 Average: DT:98/SC:99


A genuine premium who had a down season last year.  Although the Swans and its stars started slow in 2017, the reason for Parker’s scoring was simple, he missed the preseason after several operations.

This year he is fit a raring to go and as a couple of his team mates are underdone he will lead the midfield and if his preseason form is any guide he is ready to resume his premium scoring.  With the ability to impact the scoreboard he keeps racking up points for you even when he is resting forward.

Now the real bonus is that his value has dropped. In fact, he is the 22nd listed mid in the Ultimate footy ranking.  He is a top ten mid in form and you will most likely get a round 1 selection late in the second or even early in the third round.  A great pick up either way.



Trick or Treat – Nic Newman

2017: Games:18 Averages: DT:86/SC:82


This is a true Risk v Reward selection. There is no doubting his scoring potential, especially with the right role.  Last year we saw five big tons from him in his first year in the big time.  This preseason we have seen him in a role that continues that high scoring although we have also seen him stuck in less rewarding positions.

None of last year’s delisting or retirements have opened up space in Sydney’s best twenty two so he either earns a spot or has to wait for injuries or suspension to find it permanent place in the side.

If you take the risk you could be greatly rewarded, but do remember the Tom Mitchell situation and be ready for a potential 16-19 games of good scoring not 22, but let’s hope I’m wrong.

 Due to his current job security issues you may very well pick up a bargain.


 Under rated third amigo – Tom Papley

2017: Games:20 Averages: DT:79/SC:82


When we think of the Sydney forwards in fantasy our minds go to Buddy and Heeney, but there is a new kid on the block that was clearly announced last year.  Tom Papley has a ceiling that should excite all draft coaches.  Yes, he still has a floor but any small forward does, the difference is he has the tank to also run through the midfield and can perform both an inside and outside role.  This is reasonably rare and very helpful to his scoring as when the Swans midfield need help he can be called upon.

Not only can he score when in midfield rotations, he can also score well when playing deep forward by impacting the scoreboard.  In fact two of his four tons last year came when staying forward.

The only concern will be his floor, as a small forward he can pump out the occasional 50 or 60, although I expect him to increase his average to the mid 80’s so that will be acceptable as your F3 or F4.

Owners can continue to enjoy the rise.