West Coast


The return of a premium – Jack Redden

2017: Games-17   Averages: DT-83/ SC-79


The West Coast Eagles are having a major change of the guard in 2018, which some assume will spiral them to the bottom of the ladder.  Despite this there will still be fantasy value this season amongst the young Eagles squad. In fact there might be some real deep draft gems.  This former premium will be one of the leaders of the new look midfield and looks set to have his best season for many years.


This man’s career average is 91.5 this includes his first two seasons with both Brisbane and West Coast for a total of 62 games at an average of 75.4 this includes minimal time in the guts.  Meanwhile his five season as a permanent midfielder yielded an average of 101.8 over 97 games.


It has not been since 2013 that he played all 22 games, and 2012 since he averaged over 100 and played 22 games so this selection does come with some risk.  The reward could be an M5 that averages over the ton mark, although a 95-100 average seems more likely.


Worth the risk, draft and enjoy.




Young ball magnet set to shine – Dom Sheed

2017: Games-22   Averages: DT-86/SC-83


Breakouts generally happen at the third season for most young guns.  Sheed’s third season netted him 5 games at an average of 60, although last year was a big set forward just simply due to midfield opportunities he still has not hit his ceiling and look set to do so in 2018.


When given the chance he has shown that he can score well, he put together five tons in an eight game run last year.  Although he will still have time on the flanks as we have seen in the JLT series he will now get plenty of minutes in the guts.


It’s not an island it’s a peninsula and yes some scores will be a monster.



Be careful of the Salary cap hype – Nic Naitanui

2017: Games-0   Averages: DT-0/ SC-0


Out of the three players listed it is amazing to think that Nic Nat has by far the lowest ADP in Ultimate Footy.  This is one of the many examples of salary cap hype taking over the draft world.  Thankfully the Draft Doctors Mock Draft users have some more control, but are still effected by the hype.


My conservative predictions of the three West Coast players in this article against their current ADP are:


Player              Games             Average           UF ADP            DD ADP


Jack Redden    20                    95                    131                  131


Dom Sheed      20                    90                    151                  133


Nic Naitanui    15                    75                    103                  164



Nic Nat is coming off a rather complicated knee injury, it normally takes players until the second season back to hit their straps, his slow build in the preseason should also be noted.  Understanding keepers should be treated differently, a season only draft should see his ADP in the 200’s.  The only reason for hype in the salary cap formats was due to his price, not his scoring predictions.


Take with caution and if you can avoid for 2018.