Gold Coast


Second Chance – Nick Holman

2017: Games-0   Averages: DT-0/ S-0


Sometimes you can find a gem deep in the draft or even from the waiver wire and with Nick it looks like we have a beauty.  After two seasons out of the AFL this 22 year old is now back, bigger and stronger at the Gold Coast.  He played 9 games in his first two seasons’ mainly in defensive roles and at times in the dreaded vest, so we can’t take those scores as a guide.  As a midfielder at Central Districts he showed an ability to win the contested ball and provide pressure with his strong tackling.  This is exactly what Stuart Dew wants from his charges.


During the JLT series he has shown why they picked him up and looks set to be a part of the new look midfield.  No Ablett and with Hanley and Hall out injured, he will get his chance first up to cement his spot in the team.


His points per 100 minutes was impressive during the JLT rating at just over 90, this is comparable to Isaac Smith and Callan Ward last year.  So for a player who you can pick very late he could be able to cover an M4 position quite comfortably.


No risk with this pick just reward, sit him on your bench and have him ready to cover as he will for Aaron Hall for me early.




Breakout looming – Brayden Fiorini

2017: Games-13   Averages: DT-83/ SC-70


There has been a lot talked about this player and he has only played 15 games, but heading into his third season, new coach and new midfield it is time for him to live up to all the hype and truly breakout.


Six tons highlights his scoring power although the impressive part is that he has scored well as both and inside and outside midfielder, therefore he is not reliant on a role he just simply finds the footy.


It would seem that he starts the year with a midfield spot and as long as he continues to show what the coach wants (11 tackles in JLT 2) he is set to play his first full season.


Get him mid rounds and reap the rewards.



Troubled times ahead? – Kade Kolodjashnij

2017: Games-11   Averages: DT-85 /SC-71


Concussions should always raise concerns about a players scoring ability.  KK missed games last year due to this but even more concerning has been his role in the JLT series.  Like Burton and Roberton, he seems to be closing down more than previous years and that could be detrimental to him as a fantasy prospect.


We have discussed on the pod of whether this is just an education phase with these players or simply a new role, either way you must treat it with caution.


His JLT stats sees him average just 34 points form 71% of game time which is 44 points per 100 minutes, this is a scoring rate that should see him on the waiver wire very quickly if it continues.


Avoid until you see the role change and consistency back in his games played.  Boy I hope I’m wrong on this one as I have been hot on him for years.