Injuries For 16/04/18

Steve put out a request for a few new writers two weeks ago, offering up a weekly injury column. How could I resist? I don’t necessarily know what this means about me as a person, but I sure do get a get kick out of a Syndy that goes from 8 weeks, to 9 weeks, to 10 weeks, to season. And now I get the chance to report on it and disappoint the rest of the Fantasy community? Yes!


Please shoot me your feedback on twitter – if there is something you would like to see more/less of @thepotatobake. As a caveat for this article; It isn’t always going to be this long. This first edition is kind of like the Ron Jeremy of injury write ups; a little longer than the rest.


Mid-week Madness!

If your Fantasy team is named FootballClubFC, you were devastated by one article. Not only had your number 2 draft pick Taylor Adams done a hammy, but your sneaky FA pick up Billy Elliot had also done a hammy! Brilliant. Both injuries were graded as minor, and I am expecting them both to get up within 2-3 weeks, with Billy likely to come back through the VFL, and Adams likely to continue playing like he should be in the VFL. With the Pies getting the sauce over the crows on Friday, there likely won’t be fantasy relevant inclusions – Keep your eyes on Rupert Wills in the two’s though. Prognosis – 2-3 weeks


Richo swung the axe this week, and it apparently went straight in to Josh Bruce’s back. Prognosis – 6-8 weeks


Crows vs Pies

In a game that saw everyone get a little wet (sounded way more sexual than intended), there were 3 fantasy irrelevant injuries.


Eddie “I may as well have a crack from here” Betts, pinged a hammy. Actually, you know what. I don’t like the term “pinged” for a hammy injury. Tweet me your suggestion for a hammy injury. For now, I am going to go with… Whomp. Eddie whomped his hammy, although it sounds like a minor whomp, and he has got to be some chance to play next week. Prognosis – 1 week


Mitch McGovern had a head clash, however finished out the game. Prognosis – No issue


David Mackay had a head clash – although Don Pyke forgot he existed, like many of us, and the severity is unknown at this stage. Will play it cautious and give him a week. Prognosis – 1 week


Giants vs Dockers

Jeremy Cameron looked a little sore, favouring his left leg. Though he could have just been putting this on after shanking 3 kicks in a row. Prognosis Embarrassed – No issue


Tigers vs Lions

Massive injury toll on the Lions side, as Dustin Martin figuratively (that’s right, not literally) tore them apart. Just sat down, one-by-one, and feasted on their gooey insides. If I was a statistician, I would insert a lot of things to show just how terrible the Lions were on Saturday, but I’m not, so you will just have to take my word for it. They were bad. No physical injuries in this game, just emotional scarring for the fans. Prognosis – Worst Q-Clash ever next week.


Dogs vs Swans

What a ripper! On an afternoon where teams generally forgot how to play football, this game produced an absolute classic and both sides coming away with a clean bill of health. Prognosis – Entertained


Roo’s vs Blues

The big news coming out of this game, besides the fact that the Roo’s actually won, is that Marc Murphy was withdrawn with what is thought to be a plantar fascia. This injury plagues footballers and has a lingering effect that can last weeks. Jack Viney suffered the same in 2017, and after surgeries is STILL waiting to get back out there. Generally, players try to play through the pain after a few weeks off, then realise surgery is the only option. Expect MKen’s stocks to rise as a result. Prognosis – 6-8 Weeks


Eagles vs Suns

Daniel Venables may have suffered one of my favourites – a Syndy. Not really relevant but look for him to spend some time on the pine Prognosis – 4-8 weeks (pending severity)


After a couple of years of “is he done?” “is he even best 22?” Mark Lecras came out in his 200th game and took it all out on Ben Ainsworth, bumping him in to next week. Ainsworth went off with concussion after already suffering a leaky nose earlier in the game. Not a like-for-like replacement but expect Michael Barlow to slot back in to the side. Prognosis – 1 week


Tom Lynch had a bit of a sore ankle and rested some of the third, but to be honest, I think he just didn’t want anything to do with this game anymore. He did come back on, most likely because he remembered he is chasing a new contract. Prognosis – No issue


Bombers vs Power

Adam Saad was a little sad (hehehe) when he copped a corkie in the third quarter, however after having it strapped up, played out the rest of the game. Has the long break before Anzac Day for the bruising to die down. Prognosis – No issue


After kicking a few bangers, James Stewart rolled his ankle and has suffered a minor sprain. More to come on this in the next few days, though not exactly fantasy relevant. Prognosis – 1 week


Everyone was hyped this week. The pig was named on the follow, and boy did he deliver! Deliver another awful performance. Tom Rockliff may have an excuse – he faced cramps and tightness in the first quarter, and post strapping did not look at all comfortable. If you drafted him, how long will you hold onto this guy? I would have already had a massive fry up and a few Furphy’s. Prognosis No issue


Youngster Todd Marshall suffered a delayed concussion, failing a concussion test in the third quarter. Prognosis – 1 week


Hawks vs Demons

Cyril Figgus has suffered another knee injury – with the early word suggesting a medial tear. It is hard to think that this lad is only 28, as it feels like he has been playing for the last 20 years. Prognosis – 5-7 weeks


Poppie whomped a hammy. He told the trainers that it was his hammy and they left him to fend for himself all the way to the sideline! What were they thinking. The clearly in pain Poppy went straight to the rooms and grabbed a blanket, feeling cold and alone, singing Linkin Park – Numb. Prognosis – 5-7 weeks


James Frawley had a bit of a headache, and after smashing some Zavance, he was able to continue – Prognosis – No issue


On the Demons side of the fence, no real injuries, however I would love it if someone could make a supercut of all the Demons dropped marks to Benny Hill. Thanks in advance. Prognosis – Hilarity


Cats vs Saints

Dylan Roberton suffered a shocking collapse mid game – a scene that no AFL fan likes to see. The entire team at the Draft Doctors send best wishes to Mr. Roberton and hope it is nothing serious. But also, thanks for winning me my game this week. Prognosis – return date unknown


At this stage it feels like we could have an epidemic on our hands. Rowan Marshall went down with concussion. I have reached out to the World Health Organisation as to whether other Marshalls should be worried. My gut feeling says…. yes. Prognosis – 1 week


Danger sent scares throughout the Fantasy universe when he limped off the ground in the fourth quarter. It is impossible to know how bad an injury is with this guy, because he came back on to the ground and played out the game. Last time he had an injury, he kicked a bag against the Hawks. I am going to roll with a Prognosis – No issue


Cory Gregson suffered an ankle injury early – and forced me to research what a Cory Gregson is. He looks to have hyper extended his left ankle, with scans set for later in the week. Prognosis – 1-3 weeks


AFL Fantasy App

This is a bad injury, and I reckon it could be a season ender. No trades in draft, constant crashes, FA limitations and no stats. Prognosis – Flooded App Support Team