DPP Watch


Ultimate Footy has updated their dual position player list for the first time this year, and the results were… underwhelming. You can find the list on UF here, but I’ve got you covered if you’re of the lazier persuasion.


  1. Mackay AD – F  Added B
  2. Salem ME – B  Added C
  3. Murphy AD – B  Added F
  4. O’Brien HW – F  Added B
  5. Hoskin-Elliott CW – C  Added F
  6. Smith ES – F  Added C
  7. Sexton GC – B  Added F
  8. Billings SK – F  Added C
  9. Fogarty GE – C  Added F


WHE is the only update of real value, players like Dev Smith, Salem, and Billings while relevant in most leagues have just added midfield eligibility. Not a game changer, but a nice bit of flexibility come bye rounds, should your league play through.


Will Hoskin-Elliott

Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 77.0


A goal in every game is an encouraging sign for owners, and Hoskin-Elliott seems to be playing as a wing/forward, really opening up games with his run on the outside. If Collingwood are up and about, WHE should be right there with them. Be prepared to ride the waves with the Pies, as he may not be able to score as well if the team struggles but should hold a half decent scoring floor by getting up the wing.


AFL Fantasy coaches look to see if you can grab him from free agency or with a lowball trade. The forward update should be near the top of the list in round 6.


Cale Hooker

Currently: Forward
Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 72.8


They say when a great idea goes over your head, you can hear it go “woosh”. So, when John Worsfold took an All-Australian defender and threw him up forward, it created a woosh so violent it was heard around the club, earning him the nickname ’Woosha’.


Despite that, the move was quite successful in allowing Joe Daniher to flourish. Throw in the emergence of James Stewart and Essendon had 3 talls up forward, a set up the Bulldogs took advantage of by rebounding from defensive 50 with no pressure. Hooker was sent back to his natural position against Port Adelaide and the difference was night and day. Expect him to stay back there and as a bonus, his scores should stabilise. A good trade target that could be a valuable asset come bye round should he get the nod as a defender/forward.


Brendon Goddard

Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 88.3


A surprise omission in UF (along with Whitfield) sees Goddard stay as a pure midfielder for now. We now have another couple of weeks to make moves to secure BJ in the hopes of a change down the line.
He seems the clean-up man using his foot skills to get Essendon out of trouble. Hooker taking intercept marks can only mean good things for the pretzel king, giving him ample supply to rebound from. With 28 touches at 89% and a goal on Sunday, he’s going get you points wherever he is. Even better in leagues that factor effective disposal.


Robbie Gray

Currently: Forward
Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 108.3


Robbie Gray seems to be moving much better than last year, and as a player of his class, has gone straight back into the midfield. Given he missed round 1 through suspension, he hasn’t been made eligible to be played in the middle for UF, but if he keeps turning up for centre bounces, he should get the update soon.


Most fantasy coaches would rather play him as a forward in order to play an extra mid, however having the round 10 bye along with Gold Coast, Gray will provide flexibility during the main bye rounds (12-14).


Dustin Martin

Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 103.8


In round 2 it was Dangerfield, round 3 Bontempelli. This week it was Dusty’s turn to sit forward all game. Kicking 6 goals, he had the most success of all 3. But will any of them get forward status?  With players this valuable, it’s hard to see them staying forward in a game where their teams struggle in the centre, limiting their time there and the likelihood of DPP status.


That doesn’t mean we can’t hope. Dion Prestia has made his debut for the year, joining the midfield along with Cotchin, Graham, and inexplicably Conca. Hardwick could keep Dusty down forward if they can keep getting the ball out of a contest. Cross your fingers the Tigers keep rolling and Dusty can get a few weeks of kicking snags.


Lachie Weller

Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 66.8


Another player UF had as a DPP mid/def since the start, Fantasy should see Lachie Weller get defender eligibility in round 6. He shouldn’t be worth too much as a midfielder, but his scores have been improving enough to give him a run as a defender. A definite pick up in AFL Fantasy leagues. At 85% ownership in UF, he is popular as a defender and won’t be easy to get if granted DPP status in AFLF, so pick him up early and hold until the first wave of changes.


There’s always going be a few changes around, some by team need others through injury. Feel free to drop a comment if there’s anyone you think needs a closer look or deserves DPP status moving forward.