Injuries For 23/04/18

Jeez. This week in AFL is longer than my write-up last week. Given the round stretches well in to this week, I will not be writing for the Anzac Day-eve or Anzac Day clashes. Hopefully I don’t miss out on any Syndy’s.


Mid-week Madness!

In what turned out to be bad news for Gibbs owners (me), Rory Sloane succumbed to the foot injury that has been hampering his performance over the last two weeks. I fully expect him to play next week so I can continue dropping the C on the Gibblet. Prognosis – no issue


One of the more unfortunate looking fellows in the AFL, Matty Kreuzer also succumbed to a lingering groin issue sustained in round 1. Frustratingly for his owners, this could continue throughout the early rounds, and he will be a week-to-week prospect. Prognosis – Frustration – week-to-week


Lachie Henderson suffered a setback in his rehab, requiring further surgery on something something something. Sorry I kinda just trailed off there. Prognosis – Fantasy irrelevant


Swans vs Crows        

Add another name to the Crows injury list – with Kyle Hartigan whomping his hammy. It isn’t the first time, and I expect him to miss a few games as a result. Not a like for like replacement, but expect a reshuffle and Curtly Hampton to come in. Prognosis – 4 weeks


Saints vs Giants

C-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker! This game will largely be known as a multi breaker, with punters around Australia saying goodbye to their fiver and suffering a severe case dashed hopes and dreams. – Prognosis – Just one more bet


Jack Newnes was concussed as he ran directly into Dawson Simpsons hip. This may be the first time Dawson Simpson has been mentioned in a fantasy article. Dawson Simpson, Dawson Simpson. There ya go buddy. 4 mentions. Prognosis – 1 week


Nick Haynes has been largely serviceable for his owners, however copped a bit of J-Cam friendly fire resulting in a corkie. He played out the rest of the game as a pirate, hobbling around the place, shiverin everyone’s timbers; I expect he will be good to go next weekend. Prognosis – pegleg – no issue


Blues vs Eagles

Friendly fire was clearly turned on this week, as Cam O’Shea got teamkilled by Lochie Brien, both from the “O” clan. This one looked pretty nasty, right to the chin. Look for Darcy Lang to come into the team next week and force a reshuffle. Prognosis – 1-2 weeks


Power vs Cats

This was a game that helped everyone remember a couple of key things:


  1. Everyone remembered how much of a grub Lindsay Thomas is, when he bumped Scooter in the face. Scooter was heavily concussed, with Chris Scott (the good one) suggesting it is on the more severe side. Expect George Horlin-Smith to stay in the side if he misses. Prognosis – 1 week
  2. The Cats remembered why they traded Motlop – Prognosis – Joy
  3. If you clash heads with Patrick Dangerfield and you both look groggy, people are only worried about Danger, sorry Hamish Hartlett. Prognosis – Danger is ok
  4. The cats can win without Tommy, because he doesn’t kick any goals anyway. Tommy was replaced in the starting line-up due to back spasms. Prognosis – No issue


Dockers vs Dogs

After showing a lot of fight over the last couple of weeks against the Dons and the Swans, Luke Beveridge did what any good dog owner would do when their puppy is a little rowdy, he got them neutered. The dogs came out completely limp and got taken to task by an inform Dockers side.


The Crabener who has been staring me in the face, sitting on my leagues free agency list, tempting me day-in day-out with his crab like features, took a turn for the worse fracturing a metatarsal in his foot. Like with any foot injury, these things are complicated and take a fair amount of time to heal. Prognosis – California Roll – 6-8 weeks


Tory Dickson had just returned from a lengthy injury stint, and just like single packet of Mi Goreng, by the time the Dogs got a taste of him, it was all over. His hammy went whomp in the second quarter, and now all I can think about is Mi Goreng. Prognosis – Dual Goreng – 4-5 weeks


Aaron Naughton copped a flying knee from Zaine Cordy, however he was able to finish out the game. Prognosis – No issue


Roos vs Hawks

After the birth of his first child, Shaun Higgins made any excuse to leave the game early getting “knocked out” by Ryan Burtons “shoulder” and needing to be “stretchered” off the “field”. Yeah right. Burton will definitely get looked at by the “Match Review Officer”. Brad Scott (the sad looking one) said Higgins was coherent in the rooms, confirming my conspiracy. Prognosis – 1 Week


Wanting to learn as much as he can from his experienced team mates, Ed Vickers-Willis followed Higgins example immediately, and ran straight in to Blake Hardwicks shoulder. Prognosis – 1 week


Liam Shiels sent a scare through his owners after being forced out of the game in the third quarter, however he was spotted early in the fourth at the local fish n chipper. Prognosis – Battered dory – No issue


Lions vs Suns

Darcy Macpherson has had a surprising start to the year in Fantasy, however a lower leg injury, possibly a syndy, made him leave the ground in the second quarter. He is likely to miss some time if it is a syndy, with scans set for Monday. Prognosis 4-6 weeks


I had a paragraph here about Stuart Dew being on the injury list, because he clearly wasn’t thinking straight leaving Barlow out of the side. The Suns did get the win, but it wasnt exactly convincing, and it was only against Brisbane. Barlow in. Do it Dew, otherwise you will be on the injury list next week (which sounded far more physically threatening than intended)


AFL Fantasy App

App Injury update – still critical, with no sign of improvement. There has been talk of cutting life support and harvesting the organs, however we will need to wait a couple of weeks before giving the go ahead. Prognosis – Assisted breathing