One of the most fun aspects of playing draft style fantasy football is making trades. It’s not like the salary cap version where you just make them, in draft you’re haggling with league mates and trying to get the best deal and sell high, buy low – all while balancing your team for a tilt at a premiership.

As always, your league settings will affect what moves you make, so please consider them. This is the weirdest round of fantasy footy ever, especially given there will be DPP changes in the 2 day turnaround between matches, as well as waivers to clear. Good luck if you’re dealing! Make sure you got it lined up – let’s get cracking.

BUY – JACK BILLINGS (F) – Heading into the season, a consensus top 5 forward in all formats. Outside of a banger round one, Billings has had a slow start to the season, drawing the ire of fantasy coaches who drafted him. His stats really aren’t all that bad considering St Kilda’s start, outside of not hitting the scoreboard and a crappy kick to handball ratio. Yes, the midfield time isn’t as great as hypothesised, but he’s still getting over 20 disposals a game and is a fantastic talent. Time to buy low.

ADD – LIN JONG (M/F) – As much as I hate any Bevo coached player, I have to love a mid/fwd with the schedule he’s about to be presented. Carlton, Gold Coast (in away game 7 in a row) and Brisbane are on deck for the Dogs. Add the fact he’s only 40% owned on UF, has scored at least 70 DT in his last 3 matches, the fact Jong’s return isn’t being more widely celebrated is quite strange, but then again he can’t leap over tall buildings like NicNat. However, he can certainly help your fantasy team.

ADD – TOM BOYD (RU) – I mean, he’s got the same draw as Jong and it’d be worth at least throwing him on the bench and seeing what happens.  The Dogs need someone to kick all those goals with Tory Dickson out.

BUY – TODD GOLDSTEIN (RU) – Not often we suggest buying a ruck is a great idea but the next seven matchups for the big man are as good as it gets. His recent scores have been against bad matchups – Max Gawn is the toughest ruck to score against. Let’s not forget he was great to start the year and to be honest, he was great against Hawthorn, the fantasy score really didn’t reflect it.

ADD – GEORGE HORLIN-SMITH (M) – Could never understand why he didn’t bail in the offseason for more opportunity, dude’s got skillz. Anyway, he got his chance, shone. Jelwood is out (barring appeals) and Scott Selwood is concussed so he should hold his gig. A good spot start if you’re screaming for a mid.

ADD – AARON MULLETT (D) – It’s been a while. This column was literally called the ‘Pick Up Aaron Mullett’ column last year for about about a 37 week stretch during the second half on the 2017 season. Anyways, he’s lowly owned, playing against a team of choppers in the Doggies and probably isn’t losing his place after last week. Also – get the feeling Carlton might go back to being a bit more defensive minded with the heat coming down from yo media.

DROP – KOBY STEVENS (M) – Didn’t have super value after losing F status but dealing with concussion symptoms is a bad place to be and it’s arguable he’s longer best 22.

DROP – JACK BOWES (D) – We often look for the second year breakout and we’re often left disappointed. Even with a couple of injuries in the Gold Coast half back line Bowes hasn’t popped. We’ll let him develop and hopefully he becomes a fantasy option in the next year or two.

DROP – DARCY MACPHERSON (F) – Broken leg set to keep him on the sidelines for a few months. Shame, guy showed a fantasy game and a couple of good scores.

SELL – AARON HALL (M) – So looking back on the #process at the start of the year, the stats all suggested Hall would have a banger year. But that neglected to look on the coaching appointment of Stewy Dew. He’s clearly prioritised a hardness around the contest, being accountable to teammates and doing the team things. After listening to the Rocket Files podcast (which is #good), I was reminded Hall isn’t exactly known for his selflessness on the field. He was dropped for the weekend after really firing no shots in the games he played. Someone might be willing to roll for his upside so if you can get some value, he’s one I’d consider moving on. Admittedly, it’s a sell low and it hurts.

SELL – CAM ELLIS YOLMEN (M) – With Matt Crouch and Rory Sloane set to return, it’s time to cash in. Does he stay in the team? Possibly. Brad Crouch is still awhile away, but there’s always Douglas, Greenwood, Atkins, etc.

DROP – Your Ross Glendinning Medal bets. Because corporate greed, kids.

Good luck in your continuing matchups and those that take place 2 days later – and of course, good trading:)