DPP Watch


AFL Fantasy coaches, we are all but ready to hear the news. The new DPPs will be arriving this evening, so prepare for disappointment. Ultimate footy had one set of DPP updates, and you can be sure that a few will be plucked from these for AFLF. At the Draft Doctors we’ve already had two cracks at speculating who will come through, so have a look if you haven’t already or a player wasn’t mentioned in this one.


This isn’t a perfect science and they can’t change everyone to a DPP, so we will almost certainly be left out in the cold on a couple of players. So, what do you do? Allow me to take your hand through the stages of DPP grief.



“Nah, that’s ridiculous. The bloke’s been playing off half back the whole season!”


“These spannerheads at Champion Data can say what they want, but the coach has been referring to him as a defender. The coach! If these eggheads want to crunch numbers all day that’s fine. Just don’t ignore the truth!”


“I don’t get it. Surely, they’ll realise their mistake. Once CD read another one of my posts on BigFooty, they’ll understand. They have to.”


“I knew I shouldn’t have drafted him. I set my whole team set up around him becoming a defender. I should have drafted Seedsman instead.”


“Another season down the gurgler. It was meant to be different this year. Time to go back to the salary game.”


“At least I’ve got a few other players. Could take a look at the Dozen Deals or maybe find a player coming back on the injury list. I can rebuild.”


“Ah well, he’s alright as a midfielder, will surely get a look in at the next changes. I’m gonna start preparing for that. To the waiver wire!”

Repeat in 3-6 weeks’ time

“Ah f@$k”


Which players will destroy your hopes and dreams? I’ve got you covered.


Jack Ziebell

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 89.5


Let’s face it. Jack Ziebell is a forward. He may have played in the midfield, but his instincts and play should have him as a forward in the modern game. He provides great forward pressure and tackling, as well as being an aerial threat. With Ben Cunnington leading the midfield unit, North Melbourne welcomes Ben Jacobs back after a long injury layoff, while blooding rookie Luke Davies-Uniacke. Coupled with a natural progression for the Kangaroos, Ziebell is free to play more up forward.


As you might have heard in the podcast, Jack has played stretches as a deep forward and seems to be spending a lot of time there. It just comes naturally to him, and his scoring has been well maintained. There may be games where North just aren’t in it however, and we all know how forwards can suffer in a loss. Comparable to Toby Greene, albeit on a worse team.


Stephen Hill

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 89.3


Many eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Fremantle seem to have employed Stephen Hill to rebound out of defence with his speed and ball use. The Dockers seem to have shifted their focus to becoming a rebounding team, with players like Blakely racking it up on half back and Luke Ryan playing as the interceptor.


Hill has had a calf issue hold back his pre-season, so that is something to be wary of. You’d expect an increase in his fitness level as the season goes on, while also hoping the calf doesn’t flare up again. A good prospect who will continue to see


Brett Deledio

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 72.8


After a monster game over the weekend, Deledio will garner plenty of attention, and rightly so. He was everywhere, working up and down the wings. No one can replace Scully in terms of the ground he covers, but the fact Deledio is playing a role that will take him all over the ground can only be a good thing.


He may have to wait until the next round of changes, but Deledio could make for a handy piece of bye round coverage in round 14 as there will be few mids left when Adelaide, Fremantle, Geelong, Richmond, St Kilda and Sydney take the week off.


Jared Polec

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 98.8


This is one I’ve included after seeing a bit of talk about it. Polec has been in fine form for Port Adelaide, getting a lot of the ball and using it by foot. All positive signs for a fantasy player, and he is on for a ripper season, but could he get defender status?


His role hasn’t changed too much, perhaps not enough to warrant a change to defender status. Polec has played as an outside mid, working up and down the wings. While he has certainly gotten plenty of possession in the back half, majority of his work has been done in between the 50s assisting Port’s rebounding defenders, and he is lining up on the wing at quite a few bounces. I’m sure most people would be wrapped to get him DPP as he could end up as a top 10 in defence but hasn’t seemed enough of a departure from his previous role to get selected.


Reece Conca

Currently: Defender

Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 72


The oft maligned and – more so – injured Tiger has finally got a good run at it and thanks to the Dozen Deals last week, you may have snagged him and got the 93 last night. Conca has been playing midfield minutes which bodes well for the future and DPP status should be the cherry on top.




The ANZAC game is yet to start at the time of writing. So, we can look back to see how some earlier DPPs candidates went.


We may have seen Will Hoskin Elliott forward. Treloar has been setting up deep forward so his game will have plenty of intrigue, keeping in mind there was no Taylor Adams, maybe dragging Treloar back into the mids. Hooker is listed at CHB should remain down there. Keep an eye out for him as forward defender status is gold for versatility.


There’s not a whole lot left to look at without getting too pedantic (let’s face it, we are toward the bottom of the barrel as is). Time to prepare for the seven stages of DPP grief, and best of all, time to prepare to do it all over again.


Best of luck, may all your DPP dreams come true.