Injuries For 30/04/18

After what seemed like an eternity for round 5, we are finally back to regular programming with round 6. I got some great feedback from the community (shout out to Gold) to make the article a little more waivery. The result is an added recommendation below each injury prognosis for a waiver pick-up. I have to be careful here, my league read my articles, so I may need to throw a few furphys here and there (and then drink a few Furphy’s).


Mid-week Madness!

One of the surprise packets for the year in Defence has been Hamish Hartlett. Previously quite unreliable, I am sure there were plenty of coaches out there thinking they got a fantastic slider at their draft (he went at pick 173 in my league), a defender going at 88 is a ripper of a late pick. Nek minit. Dead. Hamish ripped his ACL midweek and will miss the rest of the season.

Prognosis – ACL/Dead – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – If he is still available, jump on Pittard. The guy is more injury prone than a leper, but he should score well off the half back. If not Pittard, look to DBJ, he played Hamish’s role this week and got a respectable 88.


Even though it has only been three weeks, I can proudly say that it has taken longer than expected, ThePotatoBake has been added to the injury list. The lads caught me on twitter discussing a classic trade and I have caused reputational damage, akin to soiling oneself at the in-laws Christmas bash.

Prognosis – Reputational Blunder – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – Ya can’t get rid of me that easy


In what was clearly designed by the Draft Doctors as a punishment, I proceeded to lose two of my forwards in the mid-week madness! Toby Greene has suffered third degree burns on one part of his foot, or he has been checked by the DRS in cricket, I really have no idea what to make of the term hotspot.

Prognosis – Frustration – 3-5 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – If he is still available, jump on-board De Boer, otherwise look for Aiden Bonar to make his debut next week.


The second part of the scheme was even more elaborate, involving De Gooey’s dog, and training him to teach Christian Petracca how to lie about punching someone in the face. It was clever, Doctors, as I totally understand it would have been easier to teach De Gooey’s dog rather than De Gooey himself. As the plan was about to be executed however, Christian did actually get bitten on the hand by his dog, which caused a bit of an infection and required a clean-up.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Jordan Lewis got his DPP, and his leadership has been sorely missed over the last two weeks. He played well this week. Between him and Brayshaw, you could have worse bench defenders.


Dogs vs Blues

You could have legitimately subbed out the rest of the players and just had Bont v Cripps. Geez it was a good watch, and it made up for the skill errors that riddled the rest of the game. It also makes you wonder if Bevo has been coaching injured (brain), because he threw Bont in the mid more, and they won?! Who would have known playing your best mid at FF wasn’t the answer? Must have been having a few tinnies with Woosha.


Caleb Daniels Headgear suffered a career ending injury, after playing more games than Dustin Fletcher. RIP in peace.

Prognosis – Who’s that guy?


Cats vs Swans

Just when I thought the Draft Doctors had finished their dastardly scheming, two more of my players were struck off pre-game, leaving me three forwards down, and completely dead inside (single tear). It turns out the Cats chose to employ an actual doctor, and have Scott Selwood re-assessed. Subsequently he was withdrawn from the team with concussion in what was a surprise to absolutely no one.

Prognosis – No issue


Brandan Parfitt was a late out with a sore foot. His ownership has skyrocketed, and he has been a great waiver pickup. I will be holding for now.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Gary Ablett should come in to the side next week


Another popular waiver this week, George Foreman Smith got slammed into the turf by Isaac Heeney, knocking the fat right out!

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – With Scooter coming back in to the team next week, I don’t see anyone else coming in for GHS. Cunico looked to be playing off the HB and could be a cheeky DPP chance. Stocks rising.


Roos vs Power

It took 2 matches, but finally, whomp whomp – Chad Wingard is the weeks first hammy. It didn’t look great, and he has a history of soft tissue injury.

Prognosis – 3-4 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Tom Rockliff will come back into the side, with Robbie Gray spending more time forward in a reshuffle. No real waiver action here.


GWS vs Lions

Jarrod Berry suffered what looked to be an ankle injury in the final quarter, with scans set for Monday.

Prognosis – 2-4 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Bastinac should return to the team after being dropped, but could you risk picking him up? The Lions game at the moment is stank.


Zac Langdon copped a knee injury in the second quarter and played no further part in the rest of the game. Researching to find anything specific on this injury is tough, and probably indicative of the level of care you should have.

Prognosis – 2-6 weeks (potentially a lot more..)

Potential Waiver Pickup – As mentioned, Aiden Bonar will likely make his debut next week, with one or both of Josh Kelly and Rory Lobb coming in to the side.


Hawks vs Saints

Not that anyone thought he was a particularly good footy player anyway, but Tim Membrey proved that he is just a potato with legs, in what will most likely be the worst miss of the season. Add it to the Benny Hill reel.

Prognosis – Potato – No issue


Tom Hickey was hilarious to watch in this game, the poor guy just couldn’t get a break. He would go up for a marking contest, land heavily, take ages to get back up, not move for a while, then repeat. Or lay a tackle, and clutch at his shoulder and not move for a while, then repeat. After it happened the first time he was restricted for the rest of the game. Not sure if there is anything serious here, or if he is just a marshmallow.

Prognosis – Soft and squishy – No issue


Big boy spent much of the fourth quarter on the bench, though he had already done his job, likely just a rest.

Prognosis – Big – No issue


Finally, shout out to Richo for making the markets for “who will be the first coach to get chopped” interesting, with himself and Bolton racing to the bottom. Richo can’t even claim a rebuild, he is in all-sorts.

Prognosis – Goneskies by Round 10


Suns vs Crows

Big Tex left the field with what the “official” injury report labeled “Hamstring Awareness”. That’s right, he left the field to raise hamstring awareness. What. I for one am aware of hamstrings already. Anyway, Tex experienced some tightness, and given the game was just about in the bag already, there was no reason to risk it.

Prognosis – Aware – No issue


Bombers vs Melbourne

Jessie Hogan has been having a stellar fantasy year, however he was stopped in the third quarter when he rolled his ankle. He did return to play out the game, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him miss a week or resting exclusively forward next week.

Prognosis – 1 Week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Bugg or Pedo are the likely inclusions. Geez that isn’t a great nickname. Both may come in to be honest, as Alex Neal-Bullen looked like he was injured, but is actually just shit.


Pies vs Tigers

Like something out of a final destination movie, you have to wonder if Tom Langdon saw himself and his colleagues all getting injured in a premonition, and asked to be withdrawn prior to the game, because what unfolded was carnage.

Prognosis – No issue


It started with James Aish in the second quarter, who has been a surprisingly serviceable D5 this year, as he went down with a knee injury, and took no further part in the game.

Prognosis – 4-6 weeks (pending scans)

Potential Waiver Pickup – the pies have a whole swag of stars to come back – expect a reshuffle and a straight in for Taylor Adams


The next target in Langdon’s vision was Maynard, suffering a right ankle injury. Even though he came back on, he looked awful. Limping his limp all over the limp.

Prognosis – 2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Josh Smith is waiting in the wings to come back from injury and we know he has a decent fantasy game, so get on him if he is on your FA.


Finally, just when you thought he was going to survive the movie, Ben Reid, the ballet star (totally a thing, look it up) copped an arrow to the knee right at the end of the game. He has soft tissue issues getting up in the morning, so I would expect him to miss a couple.

Prognosis – 2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – I expect Darcy Moore to come in and play forward, though he isn’t really relevant. Billy Elliot is a slight chance, though if he is ready to play I think he will run around in the VFL first.


Dockers vs Eagles

I reckon (and this is very much an assumption), that if I asked the entire Fantasy community if they have ever been let down by Michael Walters, I would get over 50% saying yes. I’m not much of a poll guy, but pretend I ran it, and my assumption was confirmed. I witnessed this first hand this week, with a lad in my league losing an extremely high scoring encounter by less than 5 points as a result of the injury. Brutal. Sadly, for Walters, this was his troublesome left knee, which ended his season last year with a PCL. Scans will confirm what and how bad it is tomorrow, however Ross “I have no idea what I’m doing” Lyon thinks it is serious. Early thoughts are a grade medial, however scans will confirm.

Prognosis – 4 weeks or season (pending scans)

Potential Waiver Pickup – Danyle Pearce will likely get the call up, unless the do a complete reshuffle and bring in a pure forward in Shane Kersten. Regardless, neither is worth a request this week.