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Another update to UF has left a few people scratching their heads. Lachie Whitfield is still yet to receive B status due to receiving too much of the ball between the 50m arcs. They seem to rely a little more on possession heat maps as opposed to AFL Fantasy, who go by Champion Data’s observations. At least, that would explain how Rory Atkins was called a defender. This surely casts some doubt over Jared Polec and Tom Phillips, as they have received the majority of possession in the back half, despite clearly playing on the wing. They don’t seem on UF’s radar however, so I wouldn’t hold out hope.


Here are the UF updates for your viewing pleasure.


Rory Atkins AD – C Added B

Robbie Gray PA – F Added C

Brendon Goddard ES – C Added B

Harry Cunningham SY – F Added C

Michael Rischitelli GC – B Added B

Jack Henry GE -F Added B

Zac Fisher CA – C Added C

Adam Cerra FR -F Added F

Cale Hooker ES – F Added B

Brett Deledio GWS – F Added C

Jed Anderson NM – C Added C

Jack Ziebell NM – C Added F



Patrick Dangerfield

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 100.8


He’s not the Danger we’re accustomed to so far. Whether it’s due to him being a little banged up, or whether it’s more of a structural thing, Danger has been spending a lot of time up forward. It has been a story for much of the season, but the last game against GWS Danger had 9 touches in the forward 50 and has spent entire quarters in the forward line.


It would be a bold move for him to get forward status, but with the publicity around keep an eye on what happens when Geelong trot out Danger, Ablett, Selwood, and Duncan for a few games.


Hayden Crozier

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 48.7


Not the most relevant fantasy player so far, but he has shown footy skill averaging 75 for Freo back in 2016. If he can find his feet down back at the kennel we could have our hands on a decent player with forward/defender status. Owned in 34% of UF leagues, he should be available on most waiver wires. There’s no rush for him just yet, a good wait and see option for some bye round flexibility if he can string a few good games together.


Rory Atkins

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 82.1


Seeing as he is a decent player and AFL Fantasy coaches may be looking at him, we’re taking a look at Atkins. There’s plenty of time before any more updates, so don’t rush out to trade for Atkins because he could get defender status.


As mentioned at the top, AFLF are more of a ‘where they line up’ system as opposed to ‘where they get the ball’. Atkins seems more of a wing player but given him getting the ball a bit on the half back flank, keep a close eye on him. Particularly at centre bounces to see if he’s one of the guys on either side of the square or playing a little deeper. We’ll revisit closer to the update.


Jed Anderson

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 70.7


A shout out to the podcast, who give a great bit of detail into how Jed Anderson is scoring points and why you should nab him (30% owned). He’s playing on the wing for North and getting a bit of his own ball. Ultimate footy have given him the all clear and AFLF should follow suit just in time for bye rounds. Could score quite nicely for those shrewd enough to get onto him.