Statesman’s Skippers Round 8

Each week I’ll look at captain options for those of us who don’t own Dangerfield, Mitchell, Merrett, Dusty or Kelly.  Unfortunately, we all can’t own these players and have to look elsewhere.  So, we are going to look at the underbelly of the weekly contests that hopefully can unearth some unique skipper options, including those in the loop hole games.  Yes some will be risky but that could be the difference of you getting your league win and staying in the hunt for finals action this year.


Captain Loophole for Friday night:  Hawthorn v Sydney

Just for something completely different we have seriously good match on Friday night, and probably the best captain risky in the competition right now in James Sicily. Go the V if you have him. The Swans are more challenging. Rightly Parker is getting attention therefore Kennedy is the best man for the Swans.  Lloyd, Heeney, Shiels, Smith or Gunston can all perform for you tonight.


Best unique skipper options from this week remaining clashes:


GWS v West Coast

Gun: Jack Redden – to be honest thought I would have mentioned his name before now but his start to the season was beyond poor.  Now with a few injuries he has hit form with two big tons in the last week and will not get any attention.  Enjoy

Captain Risky:  Jez Cameron – It is rare that I select a key position player, even less likely when coming back from injury but the fact is that rumours are that McGovern didn’t fly so it will benefit someone.  Top of the line risky!


Carlton v Essendon

Gun: Ed Curnow – I was wrong, Steve was right although I will never admit that in any way shape or form.  Ed is not a captain Risky, he simply is underrated and a gun if somewhat less reliable ceiling as we all would like.

Captain Risky:  Zac Merrett – That damn Monty curse again, don’t make me say I am wrong again Zac, bloody work through it mate and get that footy in your hands the way we know you can.  Hopefully the last time he is ever risky.


Gold Coast v Melbourne

Gun: Clayton Oliver – Although with less fanfare Clay is doing it again.  Just solid scoring averaging 104 in just his third season.  Owners are either very smart football thinkers or just lucky people that base all their decisions on gut feel.

Captain Risky:  Aaron Hall – This man has the greatest ceiling, but the lowest floors and is frustrating to own and at time to play against.  He should not be in line for attention although it does work which means there is always risk with him.





Port Adelaide v Adelaide

Gun: Matt Crouch –  been easing back in since return and should be ready to fire against the Power.  Has a good record in the showdowns with 110 plus scores in his last 3 games against Port 111,116 & 118.

Captain Risky:  Tom Rockliff – never thought he would be part of my risky thoughts but form and role before his break was quite poor.  Discussions are that he was carrying an injury but really had limited time off to recover if it was the case.  Let’s hope he is back.


Western Bulldogs v Brisbane

Gun: Dayne Zorko – We don’t expect him to be tagged against the dogs…….wait for it.   But after being the best captain Risky for the year he deserved a gun position for at least one week.

Captain Risky: The Bont – In or Out, Forward or Mid, injured or not all these questions make him the risky pick.  Surely Macrae gets Robbo and Mclean and Bont feast.


Fremantle v St Kilda

Gun: Nat Fyfe – Yep I did not pick him, I went Neale.  It still makes sense but that is not what is happening with the scores.  Nat is in his best form of his life and averaging 8 points above his career high when he won the Brownlow.  WOW

Captain Risky:  Connor Blakely – Unsure how this all plays out.  Both coaches under pressure for different reasons but in WA I’m backing the Dockers to stand behind their man and pull out a ripper.  If the pressure is really on, Blakely will sweep up the points.


North Melbourne v Richmond

Gun:  Dusty – Potentially the lowest point scoring game of the year.  Scaling will be through the roof in Supercoach.  Dusty although set to get attention looks the only obvious choice although someone will bob up.

Captain Risky: Jarrod Waite – injured or scoring big are really the main two options for him, although there is a question of how him, Brown and Wood will work together.


Collingwood v Geelong

Gun:  Adam Treloar – Last week I gave you a wrap, last week I traded you in, last week everyone else could not stop getting the ball, last week you let me down.  This is the last week I pump you up if you don’t deliver.  Spray over.

Captain Risky:  Gary Ablett – Risky as he plays for Geelong and it is a Sunday game.  Already king of late outs who knows who is playing for the Cats this week.  Great to have him back on the list anyway.