One of the most fun aspects of playing draft style fantasy football is making trades. It’s not like the salary cap version where you just make them, in draft you’re haggling with league mates and trying to get the best deal and sell high, buy low – all while balancing your team for a tilt at a premiership.

If you’re new to the Draft Doctors podcast, the ‘A Dozen Deals’ article has been a staple for 2 years, where each week I write about various transactions you could make; be it a BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. Buy, sell and hold all relate to players who are most likely owned, and add/drop to players who may or may not be, more fringe type players. I base these suggestions on a 10 team-22 player roster, so depending on your league size and format, there may be some variation in value (which I will generally specify). The whole point of the article was to give opinions on making moves in your draft league. Did all the moves work out? Not quite. However, through the season there was a very high success rate and by and large they worked out.

ADD – JED ANDERSON (M/F) – In case you haven’t been paying attention, and judging by his ownership, you haven’t, Jed GOATerson is playing pure mid, taking centre bounces and doing good things for his fantasy owners. A worthwhile add in DT and SC formats, but should score a little higher in SC with his penchant for doing good things forward of centre and of a contested nature. A must own in all but the shallowest leagues.

ADD – A SYDNEY FORWARD (F) – Hewett, Papley (SC), Hayward, Florent, Ronke, don’t really care. The Swans next month consists of Freo, Brisbane, Carlton and St Kilda. I mentioned Hewett and Paps last week, but want to reiterate. These guys are all floating about in leagues. If you need a forward, I’d be adding one if Anderson isn’t owned.

BUY – ANDREW MCGRATH (D) – Spoke about on the pod, I think McGrath is a great buy low. Although trading for injured players isn’t something I usually recommend, the fact you could/should be able to flip a low-level asset for McGrath is what makes this attractive. We’ve seen when given a chance to play further up the ground McGrath can score points and in particular can win his own ball, a trait I look for in potential breakouts. I’m also considering that the Essendon lineup may have some changes in store after it’s recent poor form. Injecting the former top pick in a draft into the midfield has some merit to it.

SELL – CALEB DANIEL (M/F) – Or, to be honest, Josh Dunkley. Like both of them but I find it hard to believe Daniel maintains his current form where he’s averaging 80 DT and 83 SC with a really solid last 4 weeks. Reason being, the Bulldogs have faced pretty gravy matchups (Bris, GC, Carl, Freo) and now move into the tougher stretch of their draw. His role is okay but against tougher teams the scoring should dry up, or at least be inconsistent and not the greatest ceiling. Also factored in is just how many good forwards are available on a week to week basis, devaluing the position.

HOLD – CAM ELLIS-YOLMEN (M) – We’re hearing some mixed news about Brad Crouch and Rory Sloane, but most of it isn’t positive. I’ve learnt to be sceptical over injury reports, especially when it comes to groin/hamstring/calf/foot injuries, so we’ll go with what we know: CEY is playing good footy, scoring well and isn’t going to be out of the side in the near future. Wouldn’t be flipping him with mids at a premium.

ADD – DANE RAMPE (D) – If you need a defender, the Swans have a pretty good matchup in Freo, who give it up to backmen. Available everywhere. Also, Heath Grundy has had a great last three weeks so he may also be a decent play if Rampe’s gone.

SELL – JACK ZIEBELL (M/F) – Either a pure mid or has gained F eligibility in your league, Ziebell has earned his F status by playing a hell of a lot of forward time. With North looking pacy through the midfield and Ziebell effective as a forward, his scores will be more up and down, making him a good trade out. If he’s gained F status for you, I still think he’s a good trade out as he’ll be sought after being a name, but without mid time I don’t expect his average to be what it was. Not that he’s been a great fantasy player over the years anyway.

DROP – MICHAEL BARLOW (M/F) – If he plays he scores, well, only one game and I’ve had enough. If you don’t want to drop because your waiver wire is barren or whatever, that’s fine, but it’s over for me, he’s just sucking a bench spot up. Weirdly isn’t on the injury report and not playing NEAFL. Maybe Stewart Dew really did eat him.

ADD – BRENDON AH CHEE (M/F) – Had him behind Anderson on my waiver list only because he may have a limited shelf life with a couple of West Coast mids out. Still, played ok, scored well, you could do worse.

SELL – DAYNE ZORKO (M) – Woo! Zorko’s back! Sell him! What?! If you can find someone who believes Zorko’s figured out how to beat the tag and you can get some good value in return, I’d go for it. If you believe Zorko’s back, then all good, hold on! But lemme drop a little knowledge – Brisbane face North twice, including in round 20 when fantasy finals are on. Yeah. Ben Jacobs. Oh. Also, the Hawks have been running a tag and Brisbane play them this week and again later. Trying to sell now is taking the easy road and not gambling he’ll have a good game this week.

ADD – TOM HAWKINS (F) – Cats have some good matchups on the horizon, he’s lowly owned and has a banger of a midfield kicking it to him. I’d expect some good things.

BUY – JOSH KELLY (M) – Ok, so I wrote before that I was cagey on groins (and I am) but I’ve tried to mention lower level guys this week, but I can’t help but think Kelly is guy begging to be traded for. Still out, and even if he does play, gets the Jacobs tag (probably). But you’re not doing this trade for now. You’re doing it for the second half of the year, with a ton of great matchups on deck, including Carlton, St Kilda and Adelaide through the fantasy finals. There’s a reason Kelly was a first rounder, but he’s gone from our thoughts. I’ll be willing to bet the Kelly owner will listen to offers. I’m not selling the farm to get him, but I’m sure asking the question.

To all you beer lovers in Melbourne, Jonno and myself will be at GABS on Saturday afternoon, so if you’re there, give us a shoutout and we’ll have a beer infused with Brad Crouch’s left hamstring tendon.

Good luck in your matchups and good trading this weekend!