DPP Watch


A lot of teams hit a dip as we approach bye rounds. A mid-season crisis, of sorts. This is natural. The players that’ve had a ‘bad start’ to the year are actually ‘just shit’. The premos aren’t performing and the waiver wire is bare. So, what do you do? You hold out hope that one of your players gets given a secondary position by the powers that be, freeing up your entire team for a second half resurgence!


Or maybe you’re already up and about and looking to keep the winning streak alive. Either way, when the updated DPPS come out for AFL Fantasy (before round 6, 12, and 18) or Ultimate Footy (after rounds 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15) you could find yourself with a player who gains value just through their new position. It also allows shrewd coaches to nab a bargain at the trade table.



Aaron Hall

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 78.8


A quick update as he was mentioned last week, we saw Aaron Hall continue playing off half back and looking like a new player, a 115 just rewards for those that held onto him. They may also be in for another reward with defender status. I’d say UF will hold off in today’s update, so cast your eyes to round 12.


A good trade option and bye round coverage. Maybe try to get the Hall owner to trade since Hall has the bye this week. Provided they’re not too busy patting themselves on the back.


Jason Johannisen

Currently: Defender

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 71.7


It’s only 1 game in the wet, so we can’t be sure it’s not another one of Luke Beveridge’s secret plays, but Jason Johannisen seemed a target up forward for the Doggies. He kicked 0.3, indicative of the Doggies woes in front of goal. In round 7, he kicked 1.2 and played forward a bit too. He’s a chance to become a defender forward, but from what we’ve seen with Bontempelli, Bevo will throw players wherever he feels on a week to week basis.


It seems AFLF and UF like to see consistency in position changes, something Bevo seems to think is a sign of weakness.


Jack Newnes

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 67.8


Perhaps hoping to stem the bleeding from woeful goal kicking, Jack Newnes was thrust forward, kicking 4.2, a line that would make Jack Billings blush. Given the success, we may see Newnes spend more time up forward. He’s already B-C in UF, so this is more AFLF


This is a double-edged sword as we saw with Jack Ziebell. Playing forward, Ziebell was kicking goals and scoring points. Then right after being given forward status in AFLF, he scored 42 as Port Adelaide locked down the Kangaroos forward line. The Saints haven’t exactly lit opposition teams up, meaning Newnes may become a bit of a rollercoaster. Still, that’s easier to swallow as a forward more so than a midfielder.


Darcy Lang

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 77.5


Mentioned on the podcast as a potential pick up (50% ownership on UF), Darcy Lang has been getting warmed up, playing his first two games of the year. 77 and 78 aren’t screaming must have but getting over 80% of his touches between the 50s shows he may have a pretty decent floor.


If he keeps up the current role, he may see DPP status just in time for bye rounds. Worth a look in, but Geelong await at GMHBA, so approach this week with caution.


Hayden Crozier

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 51.8


Not very inspiring scores since he was last mentioned. We saw that it can take a while to gel with a defence, and the downpour Friday certainly didn’t help. Hayden’s last 4 games have all been 50s, but he’s still worth a punt in deeper leagues (only 25% ownership in UF). There will be a jump in opposition skill in the next 3 weeks, really testing the doggies defence. He’ll get DEF/FWD status, which can be really versatile; we just got to hope he finds his feet in the next few games.