DPP Watch


Another round of DPPs in UF are in. Once again, it’s a bit of a letdown.


Mark Blicavs GE – F                         Added B

Zak Jones SY – C                               Added B

Harry Morrison HW – B                 Added C

Tom Boyd WB – R                            Added F

Hayden Crozier WB – F                 Added B

Allen Christensen BL – C              Added C

Daniel McStay BL – B                    Added F

Hunter Clark SK – C                      Added B

Reece Conca RI – B                       Added C

Oscar McInerney BL – R              Added F


Zak Jones is a handy player and may be used in defence a bit more with Callum Mills going down for the year (our friend, The Potato Bake has the scoop). A couple of players like Conca and Christensen can provide some flexibility in bye rounds, while the rest are probably only useful in 18 team, 22 player formats.


Mark Blicavs

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 63.8


For AFL Fantasy, as UF have already given his DPP (and he was originally a forward in UF). Blitz has been a bit of a rollercoaster with Geelong and seems a bit of a utility for the cats. With Ratugolea out for a long stretch, along with Harry Taylor and Guthrie hopefully returning by the end of Geelong’s bye, Blicavs is a bit up in the air. He’s played a bit of everything for Geelong and the ride may continue. A potential speculative pick up to see if he gets DPP from AFLF and gains a bit of consistency.


Nick Vlastuin

Currently: Defender

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 78.8


The ginger Josh Kennedy. In the second half of the game vs the Saints, Vlastuin was thrown forward and kicked 3 goals. Granted, Jack Riewoldt was out for the game and Richmond wanted a marking target besides Caddy, but it’s something to keep an eye out for. Odds are he’ll continue down back but it was a fun half. Nick also took over in the ruck for a contest in the forward 50, snagging a free and goal from an illegal block. And yet he still doesn’t have ruck status. Open your eyes, AFL.


Mark Baguley

Currently: Defender

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 71.7


Another defender turned forward, Baguley went up forward and kicked 3 against GWS, matching his career tally in one game. Essendon seem to have found their mojo again and are up and about. Hooker has gone back, the bombers are playing with pressure, and Baguley seems a good sort to have up forward to provide a bit of defensive pressure. Not sure whether he’s worth getting, and since we’re already in round 10, he may have to wait for the third round of changes in AFLF to get DPP. UF should be a little bit earlier.


A little more info on the podcast.


Jack Newnes

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 67.8


Newnes may make the cut this round, however. For the second week in a row, he played as a forward. Not a great day out, apart from the third quarter, though Newnes spent quite a bit of time on the bench after a heavy knock, but he was ultimately alright and played out the game. Should play this week, hopefully continuing up forward with a return to form.


Tom Boyd

Currently: Ruck

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 68.8


Getting forward status in UF, Tom Boyd hasn’t provided a great deal of value after joining the dogs in round 5. A potential fill in to cover your ruck in rounds 13 & 14, but with 2 stout defences in Port and North it may be best to leave Tom out on the waivers unless the Doggies can find some form.


Jack Billings

Currently: Bench

Possible Secondary: Captain

Average: 76.7


Richo said he turned a corner. 89 points this week, so only tons from here. Although it seems more likely he turns a corner and gets hit by a bus driven by a disgruntled owner.


Hayden Crozier

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 49.2


Bevo threw Croz forward. I was wrong. Drop and carry on.