DPP Watch


With Aaron Hall, down goes one of our great hopes for a solid DPP. There were some okay options released Sunday, so let’s start there.


Added Forward


Oscar McInerney (BL)                     RUC/FWD

Paddy Dow (CARL)                           MID/FWD

Adam Cerra (FRE)                             MID/FWD

Nick Holman (GC)                            MID/FWD

Jack Newnes (STK)                          MID/FWD

Jason Johannisen (WB)                DEF/FWD


The last 3 present the most intrigue. Newnes has had his worst non-injured score (49) and best (113) playing as a forward, so if you have him it will be nice to shift the unpredictability from the mids. Jason Johannisen has been as disappointing as has the dogs on the whole, but at least now he can go to wherever your team is weakest. Finally, Holman. China seems to have done him a bit of good, and he has posted 2 of his best scores all year recently. Stevie Fizz gave him a wrap on the pod, and I’m bowing to his wisdom on this one. The Suns are decimated injury wise, there should be plenty of work for him. As a forward, it’s a much lower play risk wise.


Added Midfielder


Allen Christensen (BL)    MID/FWD

Zac Fisher (CARL)              MID/FWD

Matt Guelfi (ESS)              MID/FWD

Bayley Fritsch (MELB)     MID/FWD

Jed Anderson (NM)         MID/FWD

Elliot Yeo (WCE)                DEF/MID


Quite a few relevant players here, just adding some flexibility to cover midfield outs and bye rounds, though most should have greater value in their original spots.


Added Defender


Cale Hooker (ESS)                             DEF/FWD

Jack Henry (GEE)                               DEF/FWD

Hayden Crozier (WB)                      DEF/FWD

Lewis Jetta (WCE)                             DEF/MID


Hooker is the only one that’s shown much this year, however the past couple of weeks have had him playing more lockdown roles. Henry looks like a solid young talent, just not quite there yet for a consistent play.


Zak Jones

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 68.9


A mild surprise that he missed out. Jones may have just not met the time in defence requirements for AFLF. With Mills out, he has been back a little more and should be a defender by the time finals roll around.


Harry Cunningham

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 69.2


After a question last week regarding Cunningham as a defender or midfielder, I kept an eye on him Friday night. His possession maps could suggest a half back or a wing player, but he certainly looks a winger. He can line up off the back of stoppages and run through the midfield for the Swans. Already a midfielder in UF, it’s surprising to see he wasn’t updated in AFLF.


Tim Kelly

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 78.6


With a full fantastic four in the midfield for Geelong, Kelly has been pushed a little bit further forward. This has hurt his coring but as we saw against Gold Coast, he can still put up points. If he can remain mostly forward for a few weeks, he may see the change. Also, a good handcuff option if you have one of Geelong’s mids, as if Gaz/Selwood/Duncan/Danger go down, Kelly’s scores should go up and fill the gap left by them nicely.


Aaron Black

Currently: Forward

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 79


After coming over from North Melbourne as a forward, Black managed 4 games for the Cats last year, averaging 73.8. Now with a mustache, he’s convinced the coaching staff he’s someone else and playing defence. Black plays as a tall marking target up forward and has applied that to his work down back. He’s played well enough to keep his spot and draw in a few coaches for a punt. Plus, you can tell everyone about his #BasketballBackground.