So I’ve seen a bunch of mid-year All Australian teams online and thought it’d be pretty fun to have a look at who could be featuring in the mid-year AA fantasy team! We did the AA fantasy draft team last year, so why not create even more arguments and Twitter hate by doing a mid-year one? And yes, player X from your team was very stiff to miss out. He’s a star, was on the short list but just missed the cut.

This list takes into account draft value, not just the highest scorers from each position to make the lineup a bit more fun, and I’ve tried to make the selected players ones who are relevant in both SC and DT formats, so the ‘one format’ studs are going to be left out. I’ve also selected the team in a 5-7-1-5 format with 4 interchange spots.


Rory Laird – Was first man off the board in defence in most drafts, and hasn’t skipped a beat, increasing his average and being a true difference maker. No-one’s regretted the selection, despite him missing this week.

Shannon Hurn – Players don’t often turn in career years after turning 30, but Hurn is killing it for fantasy this year. Yeo leaving the defence has seen his average rise to 93 DT and 100 SC, featuring the in the top 10 defenders. ADP of 210 on UF and drafted in the mid rounds in SC has made him a steal.

Jimmy Webster – Crushing. A top 6 SC average and top 15 DT average has him as one of the better defenders going, considering he was going so late he was often undrafted! Has missed two games which hurts, but when you consider that and the fact he still has more total points than players like Zach Tuohy, he has to be in the squad.

James Sicily – Another who has missed 2 games but was being taken through the middle rounds and is crushing. The D/F swing makes him fantastic if you’ve found a few late round defenders who’ve popped.

For the last defender spot I’ve split into DT and SC, as I felt these guys are both worthy mentions but format specific.

Angus Brayshaw – DT – Only played the 8 games but is blowing it up, averaging 118 DT over his last 5 games. Looks clear of his issues and is showing the talent that made him such a high real-life draft pick.

Harris Andrews – SC – Is really having a huge year, rising into the top 20 averaging defenders for SC after being a sleeper draft pick. Is perhaps benefitting from the Hodge influence the same way Sicily and Burton did last year, but the guy is super talented and is great to see him pump out some nice fantasy scores.


Jack Macrae – Libba down and the super star continues on his dominance from the second haf of last year. Leading both DT and SC for average and total points, if you got him you probably got him in the 3rd to 5th rounds and have an every week captain.

Tom Mitchell – Just killing it. You drafted him high but he hasn’t let you down like other early draft picks.

Ed Curnow – The best Curnow is freed of lockdown roles and scoring at will. We thought a 100 average was possible, but he’s gone better than that and is arguably an every week captain you took in the second half of your draft! Unbelievable and it’s great to see after last year’s injury woes.

Andrew Gaff – Is top 10 in total points for both DT and SC and a vital part of West Coast’s dominant start to the year. Someone who’s always been handy, has taken his game and fantasy output to a new level in 2018.

Steve Coniglio – Everyone in fantasy was hyped for Cogs coming into the year, salary cap or draft, and he’s duly delivered. Whilst the rest of GWS is seemingly banged up, Cogs has delivered 100 after 100. Hopefully bounces back from his concussion and continues the great season.

Tom Phillips – Averaging over the ton in both formats and has an ADP of 170 on UF. Pretty amazing for the running machine from Collingwood. Hasn’t missed and is scoring better than Neale, Dangerfield, Parker and a host of other studs. Even better effort when you consider that in round 8 he only played half a game after headbutting the turf of the MCG as hard as he could.

Joel Selwood – People were down on Jelwood heading into this season, but he hasn’t missed and is scoring at will. A top 9 averaging mid in both DT and SC formats, he was drafted later than ever and is providing those who drafted him with a great value.


Brodie Grundy – So the Mason Cox splits of last year have gone the way of the dinosaur. Might have misread that one! Top 5 average in both formats. Killing. Every week captain. Enjoy this for another decade.


Toby McLean – The transformation is complete. Pure inside stud, continuing on from what he did the second half of last year. Those who took the punt have been rewarded with the most total points by a forward in both DT and SC formats.

Jesse Hogan – Not gonna leave out my boy, just flat out killing it showing why he was so highly rated as a junior. Top 5 total points in both formats for a forward with a laughable ADP of 136. Didn’t see him that late in any league I was in unfortunately, but I know a heap of listeners have benefitted and that’s what it’s all about.

Josh Caddy – Was highly drafted last year and bombed, but those who held the faith in Caddy have gotten a bargain. Is surprisingly in the Coleman race, as well. Averaging 100 in SC and 93 DT, is returning value on his 143 ADP and doing it in a role that wouldn’t seem beneficial to his fantasy output. Impressive.

Justin Westhoff – Ruck time or not, the super freelancer is scoring at will. Is often overlooked but always scores well and never misses games. The story’s the same again, but lifting his average to over 100 in both formats wasn’t expected.  The coaches who drafted him are laughing their buttshoff.

Jack Darling – Obviously missing time in the second half, we should still remember his first half as being fantastic. A late round/undrafted forward who blew it up and finally realised all the potential. Certainly helped the Eagles and fantasy coaches.


Max Gawn – Could easily be on field instead of Grundy, they’re so similar in averages and where they were drafted. I only put Grundy on-field as I was cagier about his prospects, but Gawn has been a-maz-ing.

Tom Stewart – With an ADP of infinity, Stewart has been fantastic for the coaches who grabbed him off the waiver wire (or drafted late – we know, your league’s tough). Is the 12th ranked defender for total points in both formats. Unreal.

Lachie Hunter – Welcome back. After a disappointing 2017, Hunter has rewarded coaches who took the chance on him and is averaging 105 DT and 99 SC. Not bad for someone who was drafted after round 10.

Tim Taranto – Been awesome, benefitting from Kelly’s absence. A late round flier who keeps getting it done. No doubt a fantasy star of the future.

Who was unlucky? Let us know how badly I screwed up in the comments:)