DPP Watch


With all but 1 change left for AFL Fantasy and 2 for Ultimate footy left, player positions are just about set. Now it becomes about making sure you have a nice balanced team. Of course, injuries have been destroying most teams, leaving gaps to be filled on the waiver wire or through trades. Otherwise, we leave ourselves in the hands of fickle organisations who can’t seem to decide consistently on what constitutes a player playing in a new position.


Let’s cast our eyes to finals, and the players that may contribute there, as that’s what they’d mostly be good for.


Ryan Griffen

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 66.1


Perhaps unlucky to not have gotten forward status so far, as all the midfielders for GWS have come back in, Griffen will be pushed further and further out. He seems to get most of his footy on the high forward flank, so maybe if GWS start steamrolling more teams like they did Gold Coast, the opportunity will come.


Jordan Lewis

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 79.1


Admittedly, I’m not as across Ultimate Footy. So, when I saw that Jordan Lewis wasn’t a defender yet I nearly choked on my brie. Somehow the brains trust at UF have decided that Rory Atkins is more of a defender.


After the Queen’s Birthday demolition, I’m sure they’ll see reason. Lewis was one of the only guys that was able to stem the tide, somewhat. But then again, if they’ve waited this long. Whitfield, too!


Cam Guthrie

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 46.7


Only 19% owned in UF, and currently a midfield only player. Guthrie has been playing VFL and looking to come back into the side after an ankle injury in round 3. He played in defence pretty much the whole time, and with an expected return after Geelong’s round 14 bye, he should hopefully just scrape in with just over 3 games played in defence. Better prospects in AFLF as he should get a few games under his belt before the last DPP update.


Could be a good defender to add in late in the season. You can pick up now if you don’t play byes, or try and wait until round 14 if you do.


Tom Sheridan

Currently: Defender

Possible Secondary: Midfielder

Average: 73.0


He’s been a bit of a whipping boy for Ross Lyon, so no guarantees he holds his spot, but Sheridan has been playing a little bit of time on the wing for the dockers. He snagged 2 goals and is getting a little bit of the ball, hitting 100 and 82 since coming back into the side. Could be worth a run against Carlton, if he doesn’t perform, back on the scrap heap that is free agency at this time of year.