DPP Watch


We’re nearly out of the woods now. 1 bye round left. For many, the worst was saved to last. With Sydney, Geelong, Adelaide, Richmond, Fremantle, and St Kilda. So, for those of us with fantasy jets like Heeney, Danger, Laird, Dusty, Fyfe, or Billings, it will be tough to find a replacement.


In order to make it work DPPs are put to full use, swinging anywhere they’ll fit to get as many players as we can out there onto the virtual park. But setting a line-up only takes about 5 minutes of tinkering, and there’s a week’s worth of stress to be had. So, let’s push the speculation meter to the limits again as we try and find a new DPP before they get named. Luckily, the Herald Sun has us covered (behind a paywall) talking about mid-forwards. Let’s start with some relevant players mentioned.


Firstly, Robbie Gray was given midfield status in the R6 changes to AFLF. They have him at 44% mid, 56% forward. Granted he spent a little bit more time in the mids early in the season (probably a reverse of the numbers above), but that doesn’t mean we can’t try and use this to crowbar a few other players into DPP status, right? Great.


Patrick Dangerfield

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 100.6


Averaging his lowest since joining the cattery in 2016. This seems to be due to his extended time up forward. As a Dangerfield owner, nothing is worse than seeing Geelong line up without him at a centre bounce and lose a few clearances while Paddy’s stranded deep forward, helpless. A forward status would go a long way to making this better. Danger has spent a whopping 39% of the time forward, and this past weekend that seemed much more like 50%.  In fact, Herald Sun reported 47% time forward against top 8 teams, and only 31% against bottom 10 sides.


So, here’s hoping over the next few weeks Geelong push that % up over 40, and we can get the DPP, only for him to slot back into the mids come fantasy finals. A guy can dream, right?


Luke Parker

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 91.7


At 37% time forward, Parker isn’t far off Dangerfield. I’ve certainly noticed Danger forward a lot more, but that could possibly just be due to this being a bigger change for him compared to Parker. Being in a stacked midfield, Luke is used to being used up forward. It seems with the emergence of Heeney, they can rotate with each other a little more, keeping the midfield power and having a strong marking presence up forward.


It’s not mentioned whether the time up forward is affected by playing better teams, but if he plays more forward against good sides, than Richmond, Geelong, North Melbourne as the next 3 must look enticing to Parker owners hoping for dual position status.


Shaun Burgoyne

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 69.3


At one stage he was playing in defence, now he’s been spotted splitting midfield and forward time. Silk made it look easy despite being at the downright geriatric age of 34. Whether you feel like he was playing forward to get a few snags in his 350th or not, this could impact his prospect of getting the defender status as it will surely take away from his overall % of time spent in defence.


If you were relying on Burgoyne fixing your defence for finals, keep an eye out on the Hawks next couple of games.


Hugh Greenwood

Currently: Midfielder

Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 81.7


Basketball background alert! Hugh Greenwood has stood up for the Crows in the engine room, while everyone around him broke down (I’m starting to think they made voodoo dolls on that pre-season camp). But as the players slowly return, Don Pyke may feel his services are needed elsewhere.


Spending a bit of time up forward on Saturday night, Hugh may find himself there a little more once Sloane returns from a foot injury. After providing some nice scores, it would be a bonus for those that rode with him for the injury coverage to get a decent forward out of this.