DPP Watch – Round 15

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DPP Watch


UF is on the verge of releasing the very last set of changes for the year and they’ve made some odd moves. Let’s face it, Whitfield needs to be a defender. Let’s hope UF footy pull their finger out and get the job done to save face before finals. He gets too much of the ball between the 50s, they say. How many times do you see Whitfield mop up the ball down back, give it off and just run, chaining possessions up the ground? He’s apparently too good at his job to be recognised as a defender.


But he’s not the only one missing out, and there are a few players in AFLF looming for the round 18 changes. Let’s take a look.



Cam Guthrie
Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Defender

Average: 56.2


Should get defender status in the last change for AFL Fantasy. As for UF, he should, but as we’ve seen before, the logic is a little flawed, to put it softly. Guthrie has played as a defender quite a lot, and coming back from an ankle injury he showed he still has it, notching 85 points. He’ll play another 2 games before AFLF changes and is available in quite a few leagues. Worth a crack.


Ryan Griffen
Currently: Midfielder
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 63.8


Surrrely this time around. His form has dropped off a little, but if he can get forward status and hit a bit of form, Griffen can be a real good player to slot into your last forward spot. GWS don’t have the easiest run home defensively, but if they hit their straps while the big targets take the pressure off Griff, he can easily start providing value.


Harrison Himmelberg

Currently: Defender
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 52.4


Surprisingly not a forward in AFLF. He’s played a bit of forward, and finished last year down that end of the ground, prompting UF to give him B, F status to start the season. With Jeremy Cameron out, expect Him (great nickname) to step up. Maybe look at the round 19 and 20 match ups with St Kilda and Carlton as good times to grab and slot him into your last defender or (hopefully) forward spot.


Stephen HIll
Currently: Defender
Possible Secondary: Forward

Average: 69.8


Another that will hope to squeeze in on UF last changes is Hill. He’s been using his speed for the dockers off half back, however got injured and missed a few games before getting a change in UF. Playing 2 games since returning, both in defence, this could be the time to get him into the defence. If he has to step up in the absence of Fyfe, it could mean a few more points. Or Freo could slip into a black hole of AFL worthlessness. At least Carlton will keep them company.

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