Injuries for Round 16

I’ve received a lot of feedback from my porn-bot Twitterettes, and my local league, that I haven’t been doing a great job proof-reading my article every week. Comments have included:


“Pick up your damn game”

“Dude you gotta start reviewing your stuff”


“I’m hungry” which isn’t entirely related, but it was a live piece of feedback from Mrs. McLachlan.


It’s usually a copy paste of a prognosis, or a waiver recommendation that slips through, and… well. Maybe I wanted it to? Maybe the injury was so bad that I felt it pertinent to let you know twice?


I didn’t, at all. They are mistakes, and I will endeavour to produce a better product for you in the future (wooosh!) Shout-out to Rob Candy (not a male stripper, I think) and @micky_a01 for keeping me honest.


Mid-week Madness!

The guy who has no troops, and no one listens to him, The General, did his ACL in a training incident. Not much more to say here except he is going to be commanding the tele remote for a while.

Prognosis – Corporal at best – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Tobes and Lids are a chance to come back this week, which would force a permanent reshuffle, with Lobb playing key forward.


I don’t know if there’s a nickname for Jacob Hopper yet, and my history with giving people nicknames is terrible, but can I suggest Frogger? The ancient arcade game? I can’t? I see. Side note: I went in to an arcade the other day and Frogger is back in vogue. Floor to ceiling version with improved graphics. And now it gives tickets! To spend on… fake moustaches etc. Oh, right the injury. Calf tightness. Will play next week.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


The Saints had a forgettable training session this week, losing the oft maligned Josh Bruce to a fractured fibula for the rest of the season. To be honest, he probably wasn’t going to play again this season. Now at least there is a different reason.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Slim pickings in the two’s. Small forward Jade Gresham is still a decent pick as he is getting midfield time. May change next week when Blacres is back.


The other casualty at training was Jake Carlisle. He was getting a rib injury worked over by who I can only imagine was Zangief, and sustained a punctured lung.

Prognosis – 2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Logan Austin got the call up this week in his place, and will likely hold his spot.


The guy everyone still thinks is Robbies brother, Sam Gray has been carrying an ankle injury for the last couple of weeks, and the club have given him some time off to get it right in the lead up to the finals.

Prognosis – 2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Trenners stocks… rising!


Bailey Williams suffered a foot injury that wasn’t reported in last week’s win against the Cats (frowny face). He is now set to miss 4-6, which for us Fantasy folk, is as good as season. The injury leaves the Dogs without any Baileys in the starting line-up, which means they may not look so damn drunk all the time.

Prognosis – 4-6 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Jack Macrae will go close next week. Not on the waiver, but… probably no others to consider.


Not sure why Ben Ainsworth was listed as injured in the teams lists. He was managed this week. Nothing to worry about for owners.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Swans vs Cats

See this is an interesting one as far as mascots go. Does a Swan beat a Cat in a fight? Sure, cats have claws and all, but Swans… They are aggressive AF. Do yourself a favour, go to YouTube and search “swan attacks”. I still think a Cat would get the job done, but they would definitely have some bruises.


In this one, the Cats did get the job done, and the Swans were left completely broken, just like Jarrad McVeigh’s collarbone. If someone can photoshop the picture of McVeigh screaming into a Rise Against performance that would be great. 6 weeks puts him close to Fantasy Season over.

Prognosis – 6 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – I had originally written here that If he can escape injury this week in the two’s, Sam Reid will go close next week. He lasted 5 minutes. Might be time to look at Nic Newman. Horse hates him. But I hate Horse so whatevs.


I cursed this lad on the POD last week by saying he was heating up. After making his way to 18 in the first quarter, Dan Hannebery strained his calf muscle, and spent the rest of the game forward. No idea why medicos let him keep playing, as now he is going to miss a few weeks.

Prognosis – 3 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Isaac Heeney and Tom Papley are both going to go close next week. Papley might be on your waiver but he isn’t worth a look.


More injury to insult as Kieran Jack looks set for a stint on the sidelines after doing damage to his medial ligament.

Prognosis – 3 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – All mentioned above for the Swans. There was an Irish lad in the two’s who set the world on fire with 37 disposals, Colin O’Riordan, though I don’t think they can elevate him.


Tigers vs Crows

I just want to start this one off by saying no Adelaide soft tissue. Well done.


Jack Graham lunged for a tackle in the third quarter and did a stretch armstrong, pulling it completely out of the socket. He did the Quasimodo scamper to the sideline and played no further part in the game. This is the first occurrence of a shoulder pop for Jack, and usually that means either a long layoff, or back next week. I think it could be the former.

Prognosis – 5 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Could be Anthony Miles time to shine after his concussion.


Nathan Broad is looking at after he suffered what was described as a depressed cheekbone.

Prognosis – Mental health is not a joke, reach out – 3 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Vlaustin will return from his suspension.


Daniel Butler aggravated a lingering ankle issue, and after testing it out and having it re-strapped, returned to the field. I wouldn’t take this as a sign of being available for next week. With the run to the finals, expect clubs to take a cautious approach to niggles.

Prognosis – 1-2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Boxcar Houli to go close next week in a reshuffle. Try get a cheeky trade per Fizz’s advice last week.


Almost a WHO outbreak, another Daniel went down with an ankle/foot injury with Daniel Talia getting treatment from quarter time onwards. I get that linking these two together is a long bow, but what ya gonna do? Talia will go for scans early in the week to confirm it isn’t a Lisfranc, though it is generally a good sign that he was able to play out the game.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Alex Keath will be the closest like-for-like, though not worth your waiver priority.


Dick Douglas who just keeps on keepin on, stopped keepin on. That sentence confused me as the writer. It will surely confuse you as the reader. I have no idea what I’m doing. Dick had an ankle problem in the fourth quarter which didn’t look good. Expect scans this week to reveal a few weeks on the pine.

Prognosis – 3-4 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Sam Gibson will likely return after a strong performance in the SANFL. He may be floating around your waivers with just 77% ownership


Blues vs Lions

CHAOS as Abe Simpson (that’s right, an old man AND a Simpsons reference) was a late scratching with calf tightness. At his vintage this is common, and shouldn’t keep him out for long.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver.


After coming in last week for Matty Kreuzer, Andrew Phillips got unlucky with the weeks first hammy whomp.

Prognosis – 3-4 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Kreuzer played and played well. No waiver.


I never like to report on a player’s ticker, and it seems to be happening this year more than ever. Caleb Marchbank left the field with an elevated heartbeat and was sent to hospital for tests. This is at least better than Dylan Robbo, who had an inconsistent heartbeat, however sustained elevated heartbeat can be a sign of some pretty bad things. Expect him to miss a couple as they figure out what’s happening.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Harrison Macreadie a chance to come back from his hammy whomp. Don’t waste your waiver though.


Out of favour backman Jacob Weitering left the field in the fourth with a calf strain and played no further part in the game.

Prognosis – 2-4 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Levi Casboult was dropped this week, however with a lack of tall options may be gifted a spot in the senior side. We all know he has no fantasy game though, so stay away.


Power vs Saints

Only one real injury to come out of this game and it was to Alan Richardson’s coaching career. I mean Tom Jonas. His leg twisted in a tackle, and it looks to be a significant knee injury. Scans to confirm early in the week. Put a line through him though and get to the waiver.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Jack Hombsch not only wins the award for name with the most consonants without a vowel, but also likely a call up after being omitted.


Hawks vs Dogs

Daniel Howe was blazing the game away, however keen coaches would have notice him slip to the bench and play no part in the fourth quarter. He injured his knee in the 2nd term, and the Hawks decided to rest him with the game on ice. Hawks are in pretty good form, and have the lowly Lions (alliteration yeah!) next. Expect them to give him a rest if he needs it.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Jonathan O’Rourke will probably get another crack in the seniors, though isn’t worth a waiver.


Big Boy copped another head knock, and suffered a suspected fractured cheek. Will miss some weeks and may come back in one of those masks! How exciting!

Prognosis – 5-6 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Ceglar is going to become the number one ruck for the next two weeks, so expect his scoring output to increase.


Lachie Hunter left the ground in the final quarter with a leg injury. Reports state it as just a knock to the knee, and that he should be right for next week.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Aaron Naughton will be hoping that his body of work leading up to the game is enough to get him the rising star (spoiler alert: it probably isn’t), as he suffered an ankle injury late in the game.

Scans to confirm the severity early in the week.

Prognosis – 2-4 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Dogs are strapped for defenders at the moment, and may turn to Tim English for help.


Demons vs Dockers

Only one injury concern to come out of this one (the Dockers certainly couldn’t afford anymore), with Joel Smith copping a knock to his hip. He will be assessed in the coming week, though he isn’t really fantasy relevant anyway.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Dom Tyson maybe? He is far too good for VFL, but he is still in the bad books for the pre-season fiasco.


Roos vs Suns

My namesake, Cameron Zurhaar, suffered what has been reported as a low-grade ankle sprain.

Prognosis – 1-2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Luke Davies-Uniacke to come in as a replacement, but Zurhaar will come straight back when ready.


Steven May just wanted to make sure he was in the headlines for something other than his club being terrible this week, giving a stern uppercut on Shaun Higgins, and getting injured. Both will likely see him miss.

Prognosis – 1-2 weeks (either suspension or injury)

Potential Waiver Pickup – Does it matter? The Suns are putrid.


Bombers vs Pies

ORAZZIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO was a late out with a groin strain, sending BT in to meltdown pre-game. It is on the less severe side, however given his issues this year he will see some time away from BT.

Prognosis – 2 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Darcy Parish was massive in his VFL return game, with 39 possessions and 10 clearances. Get. On. It.


Patrick Ambrose hammy went whomp whomp in the second quarter. He knew it immediately, and let out plenty of colourful language, yet not quite as much as the Statesman.

Prognosis – 4-6 weeks

Potential Waiver Pickup – Dylan Clarke was pretty strong in the VFL and may get another run in the seniors.


Both Jake Stringer and David Myers had niggles that hampered their output in the second half, though I think they will both be right to play next week. Worst case 1 week.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Will Baskin-Robins was probably 100 grams pressure away from a serious knee injury, however seems the lanky fella was able to flex his way out of it. He got his knee strapped up and played out the rest of the game, though primarily forward.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Not so lucky was the final whomp of the round Flynn Appleby late in the final quarter. He hopped straight to the bench and I expect him to miss the rest of the fantasy season.

Prognosis – Fantasy Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Darcy Moore got through his comeback game in trying conditions, I reckon he is a sneaky chance to be elevated next week.


Eagles vs Giants

Clean bills of health for both the Eagles and Giants. Kinda not sure how to end this article…. Doot doot doot…. Woozle Wazzle?