Dozen Deals


After holding it down for the past few years, Steve Fizz has allowed me to step up to his Dozen Deals article, some big shoes to fill. I’m going to try and keep it as close to the original format and see if a different perspective is of any use to everyone. We’ll continue to use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. Continuing with a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy sell and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add and drop go for those you may find on the waiver wire. I’ve followed the advice this year, and there have been some great deals to be had, a tradition I’m hoping will continue.


Draft is different from salary formats in that players don’t have the same value (price) for all coaches, which leaves us to decide each players value. Finding undervalued and overvalued players and using that to make deals is what makes draft so unique. Deals that can be made in one league would never be made in another, and knowing your opponents is one of your best tools when it comes to orchestrating trades. A good trade at the right time can win you your league. We’ll try and keep an eye on everyone, so you can focus on winning your league between the weekends.


ADD – Lachie Weller (M)

More for SC where he is mid only, Lachie played almost all midfield vs the Swans. This could be a turning point to seeing him put up more points. Could be a buy option in other formats if you haven’t had a trade deadline pass.


ADD – Jasper Pittard (D)

Back in for Port, and more importantly, back to looking like the Pittard of old. His run and carry was on display and he could provide a real boost to the Power’s defence. With the Bulldogs on deck, he’s worth a play.


ADD – Jacob Weitering (D)

Set up deep, Weitering was content to clean up when Hawthorn had a rare imperfect forward 50 entry. With the news that Liam Jones is out it will be interesting to see how Weitering lines up. He played well without Jones on Sunday, it’s worth a chance to see if Jacob can string some form together to end the year.


DROP – Zac Fisher / Liam Jones (M,F / B)

The pair have been ruled out for the season by Carlton. Can Carlton get worse? A game against Gold Coast somehow has me intrigued. All the positive news for Gold Coast and the negative news about Carlton leads to belief in a Gold Coast win.


DROP – Koby Stevens (M)

I’m guessing 28% of people on UF had given up on their year, still having Koby Stevens on their list despite him being out for the season. News has now come in that he is retiring due to repeated concussions. Awful stuff, and if for some reason you still have him, it’s time to let go.


HOLD – Steele Sidebottom (M)

A fracture to his jaw turned out to be nothing more than a Monday scare to Collingwood fans and fantasy players alike. There is no surgery on the cards and Steele will front up against a top 4 clash with Richmond.


DROP – Shaun McKernan (R,F)

Hammy injuries are just about season enders at this stage, and McKernan knew he’d pinged his right away. Maybe wait until news comes out confirming, but start looking for a replacement now.


ADD – Nic Newman (D,M)

A good add in formats where he can be a defender, Newman (provided Horse keeps him in the side) could find some consistency if he’s allowed to keep playing.


DROP – Dom Sheed (M)

68% owned. It’s time to cut ties. Can’t get a game regularly, can’t get it done when he gets a game. Unless you’re holding out hope in a keeper league, let Sheed go.


ADD – Matthew Kennedy (M)

Playing a little bit forward as well, a game against Gold Coast could help Kennedy back up a strong performance against Hawthorn.