Injuries for Round 19

I’m writing this week’s injury report from the Brisbane airport and don’t have much time, so I apologise if it is extremely short and disappointing… which is exactly how my wife describes me.


A point of clarification – when I write “Season” for the prognosis, this is from a fantasy relevance perspective. It doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be back for AFL finals.


Before we get in to it, subtle brag as I take a week off after successfully won my first week finals match. Aww yes.


Mid-week Madness!

I can’t be too sure if it is me doing subpar research due to time restrictions this week, but I am pretty sure there weren’t any significant injuries through the week.


Jaws was hampered by the recurrence of his calf injury which has forced the big Docker out for another couple of weeks.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Sean Darcy still looks the goods!



Swans vs Bombers

Matt Dea, landed pretty much flat on his back, and his head slingshot in to the ground. He was ruled out for the rest of the game with concussion.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Mitch Brown really stood up in Matt’s absence, though you would need balls of steel to consider him.


Kyle Langford ended up in hospital after he was taken out by Generic Henchman 1 Zak Jones. All reports are this was precautionary, as the shoulder pain lingered and travelled down the arm.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


In line with Sydney’s will to lose as many games as possible going in to the finals, they had a couple of niggles to both Harry Cunningham and Aliir^2. At the moment no issue, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see them miss a week in the lead up to finals.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Pies vs Tigers

It would be remiss of me to not report on Billy Elliot getting injured in the VFL AGAIN. The guy hasn’t played since round 23 last year, and it seems he has yet again whomped his hammy.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – The loss likely secures Josh Daicos’ spot in the starting line-up for the rest of the year. Keep an eye on him as he may be a good emergency to loop in.


The ScharenGOAT looks like he has done his third ACL which will be confirmed in the coming days. You got 3 in a row, go for one more, go for it, connect 4!

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Likely not available in many waivers, Tom Langdon looked like the main beneficiary. Darcy Moore could be a shout as he plays into fitness/form.


Speaking of Darcy Moore, he landed a flying knee to the forehead of Jeremy Howe in the first quarter. Straight out of Street Fighter, and straight outta the game.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – As above


Alex Rance received work to his hammy and glute throughout the game, which allowed him to keep chopping arms for the rest of the game.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Cats vs Bigger Cats (aka Lions)

Looks like we have got the second Syndy in 2 weeks, with Tom Stewart suffering an ankle injury. Scans will confirm the extent of the injury throughout the week. It’s bad luck for most owners, who would have loved the season he has put together after he was taken of the waivers in most leagues.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Looks like Blix role as an intercept defender is going to continue. Expect Jack Henry to move back to defence after he was originally reshuffled to the forward line to accommodate Hendo. Keep an eye on Jack!


Hugh Mccluggage… didn’t get injured, but he sure hurt my feelings with his putrid score.

Prognosis – Hurt 🙁

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Giants vs Saints

Both sides came through this one unscathed, and most importantly (selfishly) Whitfield clocked up another cracking score.



Blues vs Suns

A week after surprising the Swans, the Suns were smashed back down to earth, crushed by Carlton. Patrick Cripps joined David Swallow in enacting this through the important communications medium; interpretive dance, crushing him into the dirt, ending his day with concussion.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – As always, stay away from the Suns.



Crows vs Demons

The Seed left the ground in the first quarter with a hammy whomp. Unlikely he will be back before the season is out.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Brodiggity Smith had another great hitout in the SANFL. I would back the Crows to give him a run.


Mitch McGovern ran in to The Gus, and hurt his AC joint, though was able to play out the game. The Crows didn’t report it as an injury, but it is one to keep an eye on. And to be fair the Crows rarely report injuries accurately.

Prognosis – No issue… for now

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver…for now…



Roos vs Eagles

Josh Kennedy (the western one) was a withdrawal from the originally named side due to “general soreness”… which actually sounds more like a military themed wrestling heel than an injury. Adam Simpson didn’t exactly inspire hope of him playing next week.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Shuey will come back in next week, I doubt you will find a relevant waiver pick-up. Hutchings maybe but it comes with the risk of getting Hutch’d. I’m also against having a tagger in my team because it crushes your soul when they negate one of your premo’s



Power vs Dogs

Tom Jonas and Jack Hombsch both had work done on their knees throughout the game. Neither one is looking likely to miss.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver



Dockers vs Hawks

Cameron Sutcliffe whomped a hammy in the final term and is not likely to be sighted again this Fantasy season.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Midlife crisis yall! Time to buy a Harley!


Can we talk a little bit about Tom Mitchell? He didn’t get injured, sure, but he is the centerpoint of many “Captains on vs Captains off” discussions, and after another 160 Fantasy point outing, there may be some weight to it. I have always been a fan of captains on, because it adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, but is it getting to the point where having him gives you TOO big of an advantage? Are you considering going #captainsoff next year? Discuss in the comments or hit me up on twitter!