Injury Report – Round 20

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Injuries for Round 20

Gillion McLachlan has clearly been having some issues and is now on the injury list. Rule changes, comments about the world cup, trials in a live AFL season, shortening of the AFLW fixture… all of these can only amount to one thing. Gill is clearly battling… a Syndy.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – #ThePeoplesMcLachlan


Look, I’ve given him enough space, alright? I tried to get in contact with him when it all seemed to start going wrong. But then after that, I thought it was better to just leave him for a couple of weeks. When I finally got in touch with Gill, he offered some insight into further rule changes this season. I have sprinkled them throughout the article to give you some insight as to what’s planned for 2019.


Mid-week Madness!

One of my pre-season smokies is now a late season regret, with Shane Savage being ruled out for the rest of the season with a hammy whomp.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – It’s a scary pickup, but captain Geary is a smokie. He should be playing a similar role to Savage in his absence and looked great for his 90 AF on the weekend.


After surprisingly taking the choccy’s against Gawn a couple of weeks back, Rhys Stanley (aka not Tom Stewart or Mark Blicavs) was withdrawn from the Cats in the lead up to their game against the Tiges. All research tells me he should be good to go next week against the Hawks.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Matt Guelfi GTS and missed the game. Should be good for next week.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Probably the biggest mid-week madness, and something that undoubtedly will have caused a few eliminations in finals, Shaun Higgins went under the knife for a minor arthroscopy clean out. Think of this surgery like spring cleaning; it takes you out for one weekend but you’re much better for it after.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


The Giants were taking no risks with Dylan Shiel as they prepare to sell him for a couple of high draft picks. They decided to give him a week off after rolling his ankle twice in two weeks. Already using a full roll of tape each game for the rest of his injuries, it is unknown if current supplies can sustain this new issue.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – If Hopper is available, go grab him. Otherwise I would expect Taranto to come in for Bonar.


Two more outs for the Giants with Sam Reid and Tim Taranto missing due to minor niggles. I would put this down to the calibre of opposition this week and wanting to get these two right for the run home.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver


Cats vs Tigers

The main injury concern came in the last quarter with Jed Bews coming from the ground with a hurt shoulder. Realistically, the only edge case I can see where Jed Bews is in a team, is if someone grabbed him instead of Anderson and then went overseas on an ‘off the grid’ adventure.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver

Gill: The whole field is the goal square…and the centre square should actually be a pentagon.


Bombers vs Hawks

JOM came off second best in a massive bump from Aaron Francis in the dying stages. The Hawks didn’t report this as an injury, but he definitely stayed down for a while. Keep an eye on it through the week…

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver

Gill: Let’s move the behind posts, and actually put them BEHIND the goals.


I swear I report every week on Jake Stringer, as he goes to the bench to have something looked at, gets frustrated, then plays out the game. Look for me to copy paste this in future weeks. He once again played out the game but looked pretty ginger. Not Lingy ginger, but you know…

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver

Gill: You have to nominate if you are going for a speccy


Lions vs Roos

Easy one here with no injuries to either team. Who would have guessed the answer to ‘Who will get Shiggins points?’ was freakin Dumont. Every man and their dog would have bet the house on Ahern or Goaterson. Had an impact on one of the real contenders in my league.

Gill: There’s no outs anymore. Wherever the ball goes, the players have to get it.


Crows vs Power

The Talia that DIDN’T get caught with cocaine while injured, suffered a corked quad in the last quarter and was unable to finish the game.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver

Gill: Every clubs theme song is ‘Get Set’ by Taxi Ride.


Dogs vs Saints

Roarke Smith survived a car crash last week, but nothing is more solid than the Etihad turf. Etihad now in talks to assist car safety testing.

Prognosis – No issue

Potential Waiver Pickup – No waiver

Gill: All players must play in Crocs.


Tom Hickey was injured for most of the game and ended up just sitting in the goal square for the last quarter. And to be fair, you are going to get more rest in the Saints goal square than the bench anyway.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – There is going to be someone come in but do yourself a favour and pretend there isn’t.

Gill: BT must do commentary over the PA at the G.


Josh Battle was taken from the ground in the first quarter due to an accidental head clash.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Sam Gilbert will come back in.

Gill: Every second handball must be backwards, and every third kick has to be a torp, backwards.


Pies vs Swans

Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. Except for the pies, that really never had Darcy Moore.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – As above

Gill: Games will go for 4 days. Each day only one team will attack. Games will be called off due to rain. Duckworth-Lewis will be called into effect in the case of a draw.


Giants vs Blues

Me: ahh, my job is almost done for the week.

GWS: Hold my beer.


Tobes and Taylor both suffered hammy soreness. Leon Cameron said they are both a chance to play next week, as both were removed as a precaution. Tobes specifically is on limited game time as he builds his way back into the team, and when his hammy tightened they didn’t bother risking it.

Prognosis – 1 week

Potential Waiver Pickup – Taranto to come back in; I would put money on one of these two playing next week.

Gill: Ruckmen will be required to use stilts, and the ball-up will be operated by a machine.


Lids had his calf strapped with ice and given his history I would be surprised if he plays again before finals.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Griffen will go close next week, Dylan Shiel is looking likely.

Gill: The field will be a square, and the 50 will be a 40. We’ll call it AFLX.


Dawson Simpson is goneskies. Not overly relevant due to the split between him and Rory in recent weeks anyway.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Rory Lobb has likely slipped to a few waivers. He is about to take the sole ruck mantle and may finally deliver on what was promised preseason! Sam Reid should also come back.

Gill: The competition is going to be renamed to Disney’s Marvel Cinema Universe, and umpires will be required to dress as characters.


The Blues lost Jack Silvagni and it had absolutely no bearing on the outcome of anyone’s fantasy week.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Sam Kerridge will come back in. He may be on your waiver and should be good for an 85/90.

Gill: Stadium lights won’t be used for night games, instead the players will wear helmets with torches, and the ball will be glow in the dark.


Demons vs Suns

Joel Smith, pronounced Yo-el (maybe?), will have scans on his shoulder tomorrow to determine the severity of a shoulder injury sustained in the fourth quarter.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – Cam Pedersen or Sam Weideman, both of whom I confuse with each other on a weekly basis will both come in to contention.

Gill: Players are required to wear their mascot costumes.


2 Metre Peter suffered a knee injury, and likely won’t be seen again this year.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup – As always, stay away from the Suns.

Gill: All players have to ride segueys. No exception.


Eagles vs Freo

Andrew Brayshaw got KTFO, but that isn’t the big news… ANDREW GAFF IS GOING TO MISS A FEW WEEKS OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Prognosis – OMGGGGGGGGGGG – Season!!!

Potential Waiver Pickup – Mark Hutchings will get some more midfield time, and… don’t judge me, but also Dom Sheed…

Gill: Have you guys tried the spicy nuggets at Maccas?


Finally. Schoey. Hammy. Season.

Prognosis – Season

Potential Waiver Pickup –

Gill: You have? Oh right. What about the KFC ones? I reckon the Maccas ones are better. By a factor of 10. The Sherrin will be replaced by a McNugget.

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