Dozen Deals


After holding it down for the past few years, Steve Fizz has allowed me to step up to his Dozen Deals article, some big shoes to fill. I’m going to try and keep it as close to the original format and see if a different perspective is of any use to everyone. We’ll continue to use BUY, SELL, HOLD, ADD or DROP. Continuing with a view based on a 10 team 22 player roster, buy sell and hold will apply to players that will generally be owned, while add and drop go for those you may find on the waiver wire. I’ve followed the advice this year, and there have been some great deals to be had, a tradition I’m hoping will continue.


Draft is different from salary formats in that players don’t have the same value (price) for all coaches, which leaves us to decide each players value. Finding undervalued and overvalued players and using that to make deals is what makes draft so unique. Deals that can be made in one league would never be made in another, and knowing your opponents is one of your best tools when it comes to orchestrating trades. A good trade at the right time can win you your league. We’ll try and keep an eye on everyone, so you can focus on winning your league between the weekends.



DROP – Andrew Gaff (M)

Will miss rest of the 2018 home and away after the hit on Andrew Brayshaw. Really disappointing end to what was a great year.


HOLD – Andrew Brayshaw (M)

In keeper leagues. At 18 years old, he looks the goods and will hopefully come back better next year. He’s wrapped up for this year with a broken jaw, however.


ADD – Adam Kennedy (D)

The past 3 weeks have been strong for Kennedy. Coming back from a ruptured ACL, the running defender looked particularly good against Carlton (but who didn’t for GWS). Should face a little more opposition from Adelaide  but has a good role.


DROP – Darcy Moore (F)

Who knew injuries were contagious. The latest in a long line of Collingwood defenders to go down, Moore hasn’t been ruled out by the pies, but faces an uphill battle to play R23.


ADD – Stephen/Brad Hill (M)

Maybe more SC focused, as Stephen is mid only. Going off the back of some great play on the outside to Kelly and Whitfield out of defence against Carlton, Fremantle get their turn. While the quality of the teams and players aren’t up to GWS, Carlton still seem lacking in speed on defence and if either of these guys are available for you, they’re worth a run.


ADD – Jack Higgins/Sam Lloyd (F)

With the Gold Coast coming, you’d think these guys should be in for a couple snags. With a few premiership players like Jack Graham and Prestia potentially coming back this week, Higgins may be playing more forward, and Lloyd may be playing VFL.


ADD – Will Brodie (M)

A counter-intuitive option, coming up against the Tigers at the MCG. Brodie has played a few good games recently and managed a decent output against Melbourne despite the Dees being strong against contested ball. Given Richmond are essentially giving up the clearances, there’s a chance Will manages to get a few touches despite the likely onslaught.


ADD – Josh Walker (D,F)

Still rather lowly owned, Walker has performed since Harris Andrews went down with concussion. He has continued down back and with the Magpies coming up he has a chance to continue his run. A good filler for your defence or forward line in deeper leagues.