Late Week Pickups – Round 21



Each week I’ll be looking at players who are sitting in the free agency pool that can be used in your matchup that can give you a little extra scoring power. When using these players, I use Ultimate Footy’s ownership of 65% or less to give everyone a go for those that play in bigger leagues.  Some of you may be in the middle of your finals, while some of you are about to climb that mountain for ultimate success, here are some players to help you get over the line in your matchups this week.



Any Essendon forward: As crazy as it seems Essendon is still a mathematical chance of making finals. While this is a small percentage of actually happening, it is still a chance and the Bombers will look to blow St. Kilda out of the water.


If you are looking for a player this week in your final look to grab any Bombers forward. There are plenty available with Tippa at 48% whose averaging 91 in Supercoach and 80 in AFL fantasy in his last 3 weeks. Also available is Jake Stringer at 69% and while he may not be the most house hold name, Mitch Brown who is listed as a forward in Supercoach and as a def/fwd in the other fantasy games is only in 23% of teams.


Dan Hannebery: Well hasn’t this been a fall from grace. From a fantasy stud just, a couple of years ago to be a big pile of crap this year. Injuries have hampered Hanners season this year and having missed the last month should be right to go.


Hanners ownership has dropped to 73% which shows the people have lost faith in him. The Swans have struggled this year and it will be a massive role of the dice to play him in a final but I’m a gambling man and willing to take that chance.


Jason Castagna: ‘George’ has only played the Suns once in his career but scored a 92 in AFL fantasy and 97 in Supercoach.


Easily available in the free agency pool with an ownership of 12%, Castagna kicked 3 goals and laid 6 tackles against the Suns last year. With the Suns putting the cue in the rack for the year, we can expect another demolition of the Suns and we can expect Castagna to feature prominently in the goal kickers.